Monthly Archives: November 2007

The days when you wish your bed was already made

As promised, I did put up that thinking post about the Timmy situation, complete with links to other people’s related posts.  Please do check it out if you haven’t been there already.  I put it up early because Slouching Mom gave me this and I felt all sorts of pressure:

I am going to pass it on, but I want to think about it first.  However, a big thank you to SM, who writes such sharp prose she makes my nose itch with admiration.

As you know, my writing group gives me 42 kinds of inspiration every other Wednesday night.  I couldn’t make it last week because I had no childcare, as my husband was out of town for nine days.  (Yes, nine.  Count them.)  No matter, I got inspired anyway.  A new group member sent around a link to his new site.  It is called Shortfolio, and it showcases very short fiction.  It pushed me to try a little fiction, which is not a comfortable form for me.  So, my substantive post for the day is over there.  Do head over there and read my post, but also think about submitting your own short pieces.  It is a great site to support, and I hope you visit regularly.

I would like to try a little more dialogue.  I need to work on exercising those muscles, as they’ve been dormant for well over a decade.  So, anyone want to give me a homework assignment?  Assign me a scenario for which I can write some dialogue.  If I know anything about the scenario, I’ll give it a shot and post it here.