Monthly Archives: August 2007

Last time I won anything, it was a German Chocolate cake

Since the post below is probably long enough to keep you all busy for a day or two, let me just take this opportunity to thank Melody at Slurping Life for this:


The award is described as:

For those who bring unique and creative elements to their blogs. For those who incorporate art, music, creative writing, photo’s, and other beautiful visual effects into their website. For those who put a unique spin on things and come up with new ideas. This award is for the artsy, the funky, the inventor, and even the rebel. This award is for those creative individuals who stand out from the crowd.

I am honored to get the award, especially from someone like Melody, who is parenting a child who went through much of what I did.  They are lucky to have found each other, but I know it cannot be easy for Melody to read these words when it makes her think about what her own son went through.  Thanks for sticking with me!

I had a hard time figuring out which of the fantastic blogs I read to award it to, but I finally had to make a decision.  So, I pass this along to Slouching Mom because her writing makes me laugh and think and want to go out bar hopping with her.  And to Kaliroz, whose writing makes me wish I were a better singer.