It’s not what you have, it’s what you do with it.

You probably read my recent post  about nursing, which I posted in response to Bill Maher’s rant about public breastfeeding, but have you read all these other people’s posts?  I’ve added more to the list, and there is quite a diversity of opinions here.  I love a good debate.

Stephanie wrote On Choice and Maher

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Jen at Problem Girl wrote How I Became One of THOSE Women 

Lawyer Mama wrote Suck It Bill Maher

Magpie Musing wrote several good posts, but the ones Maher needs to read are about pumping at work and extended breastfeeding.

Bub and Pie wrote Weaning Without Warning 

The Mad Hatter wrote Milk Let Down.

Karen wrote I Deserve a Medal

Kevin at Life Has Taught us wrote Read About Boobies .  (His older posts on the topic include  Give it Up for the Booby, Y’all, Breastfeeding Soapbox, I Support My Little Man, and Corporations Hate Babies.)

 That’s all the links I have right now, but send me yours and I’ll add it (emily dot r dot rosenbaum at gmail dot com). I’ll be back tomorrow with more of the snarkiness you have come to know and love.

5 responses to “It’s not what you have, it’s what you do with it.

  1. Great post Emily. I am posting on our site and linking over here.

  2. HA! What a beautiful conglomeration of posts!

    I wonder if we’ll ever find a balance – a balance of fighting for the right for any woman to nurse her child whenever, wherever and however – yet allowing women to choose bottle feeding without verbal assault.

    Hmmmm ….

  3. Can I just say this? Opinions are like belly buttons, and this is a hot topic, so I’m really walking into it by saying anything at all.

    I never nursed. I never wanted to. I have a degree in child development, I’ve worked in child development for seven years, and I just never bought into the hype. When I got pregnant, my husband and I discussed it at length. Cost was the biggest pro in nursing; but I wanted Brian to be able to feed our baby too, not just to share responsibility, but also to be able to bond with him. I knew we were taking on a major change in our marriage – I did not want him to be left out in caring for our son.

    It turned out to be a blessing for our family – I had an emergency c-section, followed by an infection that resisted the first round of antibiotics. Pain management and the infection would probably have made nursing much more complicated.

    Asher and I have had no trouble with bonding. I can’t imagine loving him any more than I do, and I am confident that our decision to bottle feed was the best thing for all of us.

    I guess I just wanted to offer the perspective of a happily bottle-feeding mom.

  4. Stephanie,
    I think you’ll find that there are one or two posts among my links giving that opinion, as well 🙂

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