Photo again… and a little news

I posted earlier today.  Let’s try the photo again.


Oh, and I think we are moving to L.A.  Betcha didn’t see that one coming.

14 responses to “Photo again… and a little news

  1. I always avoid pictures of myself as much as possible. So finding good ones is almost impossible. I think you found a good one. I hope you enjoy L.A.

  2. yay. You did it.

    At a glance, we could be twins. What are YOU gonna do about your hair? If I figure it out, I’ll let ya know.

  3. love it. and rofl at de.

    so, LA?? you’d better be having those coffee dates with Mama P that I dream about. AND if you’re not doing that, be sure to hang with Posh and Becks.

  4. Hey great photo…are you going to use it in the spots where people are supposed to insert photos (I’m sure there’s a term for that but sheesh how could a Luddite like me know it LOL).



    No, nonononono you need to come to HOUSTON.

    You’d have great friends here. People ALWAYS bond well under extreme conditions.

    Using My Words

  5. Emily! If you move to L.A., we would be within a half day’s drive of each other!

  6. Can I come? Seriously, can I? I hate Maine and snow…


  7. LA. Cool. My sister has lived there for the last three years, right near UCLA.

    In response to your last post, I love your hair and your writing. How you can make both of them so effortlessly stylish, I have no clue.

  8. LA, huh? Way to slip that one in there.
    And I agree with Suz.

  9. Good picture!

    Hair. Ha, ha. Your hair in that picture looks pretty darn good to me. I have that curly, curly hair that will never look kempt. Seriously. I wake up looking like sideshow bob (simpsons show) And that’s no joke.

    LA. Hmmm. I don’t have anything nice to say about that. No offense to LA girls, but I’m an East Coast, cold loving, prefer the mountains wilderness girl. Unfortunetly I only have the East Coast thing going for me right now with 3 months of cold.

  10. It’s always great to link a face to a name after having read a person for a long time. Great photo you chose.

  11. That’s a great photo, and don’t be ashamed to show who you are!

  12. There you are! Nice to finally see you. And … LA – that would be a great place for lots of new stories, I am sure. Cool. Take care. Kellan

  13. So the LA move might be back on? Let me know if you need anything, info, etc. I’ll do what I can!