Good news, bad news

The Good

            Julie came home from the hospital before Christmas.  She still cannot walk, but she can sit up in a chair and she can wiggle her feet.  She will make a full recovery, but the experts have no idea how long that will take.  Her mother is hoping to bring her to school for short periods in January, because the poor child is bored silly.

            I was a bit nervous about bringing Zachary to visit, but he did great, perhaps in part due to the new train set she had.  He just accepted that she couldn’t walk and went on with life.  He actually seems more interested in playing with her nowadays, perhaps because he is bored silly on a four-week winter break.

The Bad

            My experiment giving up sweets for six weeks went swimmingly.  I am the queen of self-discipline, so I had no trouble saying “no” once I set my mind to it.  I was especially curious to see if the extreme mood swings that seem to accompany a certain time each months would be affected by my abstinence from most processed sugar.

            Sadly, they were.  I had a few cranky moments for two days (unfortunately, while my in-laws were here — sorry, guys) and then went a bit nuts for about a day.  Given that – during that time of the month – I am usually a stark, raving lunatic who ought to be locked in Mr. Rochester’s attic for four days, this was a great improvement.

            Why is this such a bad thing?  Well, it means I sort of need to give up sweets permanently unless I want to take hormonal supplements, and I don’t want to take extra medication.  So, I am giving up sweets.  Not completely.  I figure I am safe dipping into the Ben & Jerry’s about once a month.  But, while I would not give up sweets to lose weight or some such nonsense, curbing the beast within is a pretty good motivator.


            Yesterday, Zachary poked my stomach with his hand and, finding it rather squishy, informed me there was a baby in there, which there most certainly is NOT.  So, perhaps giving up sweets just about now is not the worst of ideas.  And, maybe I ought to think about adding cheese to that list…

22 responses to “Good news, bad news

  1. So wonderful that Julie is home!!

    …and sorry about the sweets. But you’re right, your sanity (and the sanity of those around you) is a good reason.

  2. A life without cheese? Unthinkable.

    Care to share some of that fierce self-discipline?

  3. Good for you in the self-discipline. Giving up sweets would be a real tough one for me, just giving up the sugar in my coffee would be tough.

    I am glad that Zachary is doing well playing with Julie. Sometimes kids do better with that type of thing that a lot of adults.

  4. It is wonderful that Julie will make a full recovery, no matter how long it takes …

  5. do you want the trademark, smartass liv comment? well, you ain’t gwine get it, sister. just wanted to say that going sweetener (of any kind) free in beverages has made a world of difference in my eating habits. also, super crazy dark chocolate has lots less sugar. eat a tiny morsel, have a glass of red wine (antioxidants, yo) and relax. also, i’ve heard yoga can be very calming. not sure, but that’s what i’ve heard. xoox

  6. Thank you for the update on Julia. That is wonderful news!
    And giving up sweets? Ouch. God bless ya!

  7. I’m so glad Julie is home! Yay for Zach for playing so nicely with her, train set motivator or no. 😀

    Oh, and the sweets? I think I may need to follow you. I love, love, love them, but OY. They send my metabolism into a tailspin, I get crabby, and my skin looks terrible. When I read about refined sugar being poison for our bodies, I scoff, but really, how far off is that assessment? Especially considering the amounts we consume.

    Food for thought. Literally.

  8. Great Good News.

    Horrible Bad News. I have had a feeling that changing my diet was necessary. But Queen of Self-discipline, I am not. I’m like the Queen of Self-discipline who got lost, had an accident, ended up with amnesia, and is nothing like the person she used to be. (In my previous experience, cheese is much easier to eliminate than sugar.)

  9. A life without sweets? Unthinkable. I’ve done it pretty steadily for the past 3 months and as a result lost roughly 35 pounds. I’ve just about had it though.

    Easily the ebst thing I have done is switch to diet soda. Where I work, soda is free and brought in my the cartload, so I would drink, on average, four cans per day for a nice whopping extra 500 calories. Cut that out of the diet, enjoy eating fruit (nature’s sweet) rather than my usual something bad for me and I’ll save the sweets for dessert when eating at a nice restaurant. I’ve got 22 pounds left to go before I hit my target weight and then I’m looking forward to gaining 5 back almost immediately.

  10. Unfortunately for me, losing weight is far from a silly reason to give up sweets. My weight effects my health tremendously….I have polycystic ovarian syndrome (a few of the people who read me have it too–not rare), and I am extremely sensitive to all carbohydrates. This is no fun, but I feel great when I’m off of the junk. Withdrawing from it is a nightmare though, once I’ve been indulging..and the last few weeks have been a perfect example of that! Good luck!

  11. the sugar thing is tough to here, but also, good for me to hear. trying to give it up. t r y i n g

  12. i meant it’s tough to hear. not tough to here.

    are the holidays REALLY over?

  13. Well done on the sweets, although v. sad about the confirmation of theory. I would go all virtuous and announce that I have no real problem with sweets, that I don’t over-indulge at all and aren’t I fab? However that would mean I would have to confess about the salt/fat issue and… let’s not go there shall we? Don’t give up the cheese though – life isn’t life without good cheese.

  14. It’s wonderful to hear of Julie’s progress towards recovery. I hope she has much happy wiggling of the feet in anticipation of using them more. And I hope that she gets plenty of distraction from boredom.

    I’m sorry to hear that you must part ways with sweets for the long term, but glad to hear that the benefits are so great for you. I have had to give up sugar for stretches of time, also, and have found that I am generally happier, healthier, and more energetic without it. But then I have given in to temptation and gone back to occasional sugary binges. It’s so damn addictive.

  15. I am glad as well that Julie is doing better.

    Giving up sweets is one of the hardest things I’ve been asked to do. If anyone ever implies that I give up carbs, I might as well start taking pills instead of eating. Bleh! 🙂

  16. Sweets would be hard enough for me, but cheese too?? What else is there?

    All joking aside, I switched from using regular sugar to Whey Low, but I really do need to cut back on the sweets altogether. I am trying to live healthier and so much sugar is defeating my cause.

  17. Oh such good news about Julie. I wonder if her mom can sleep at night now.

    They talk about night terrors for kids but nobody talks about night terrors for parents.

    You know, I am so lazy. I’m not kidding. Lazy lazy lazy and so unmotivated to do things the hard way if there is an easy one. Such as cooking. Why cook if I can run to the caterer across the street and get a fresh made casserole that will last the week?

    (And I used to love to cook.)

    Anyway…the point is convenience food has been my downfall. And sweets.

    But yeah, what a difference a mostly vegetarian and sugar free, organic and seasonal diet makes.

    Damn it.

    Using My Words

  18. I am so glad she’s home. I know all about the sugar stuff, although truthfully I have been freakin abysmal this holiday. Oof.

  19. Getting rid of sweets and cheese is more than I could stand! I am not the queen of discipline. Take care. Kellan

  20. I don’t eat a lot of sweets and I’m actually pretty good at self-discipling, but I think the prospect of being unable to have sweet stuff at all would make me want it all the more. Props to you for sticking with it.

  21. does that discipline come in a bottle? can you share it?

  22. Oh yes . . ..Don’t you love it when your kid calls you out? Kaiden did the same thing to me, and said, “Mommy, you fat just like Santa!”

    Now I KNOW that I could spare a few pounds—BUT I’m NOWHERE as big a Santa

    (At least that’s what I thought . . . . .) 🙂