Because I thought you all had earned something light

            After I put the boys to bed, I head up to my computer.  I check a few blogs and reply to a few emails, all to the music emanating from the room below.  Benjamin, you see, is busily taking off his socks and pulling all the stuffed animals off of the shelf into his bed, which he does while jibberishing at the top of his lungs.

            So, it’s no wonder that Zachary sometimes has a hard time falling asleep.  After about twenty minutes, by which point the opera below has reached a crescendo, Zachary often comes out for more water or a potty trip.  Or, in the case of last night, for something far more important.

            “Benjamin said something mean to me,” he informed me.

            “What did he say, honey?”

            “He said he’s not my friend.”

            Now, I have to agree that this is a mean thing to say, but given that Benjamin is 18 months old and thus far his longest sentence has been “Mommy… ready… outside… walk,” I am guessing that Zach might be exaggerating.  Of course, who’s to say what goes on between brothers?

29 responses to “Because I thought you all had earned something light

  1. Jack Jack and Dash have all sorts of “mean” interactions. It is sure hard to decide what to believe and what is an exaggeration. Maybe Benjamin only jibbers when you are around and the rest of the time talks like an adult?

  2. heh heh

    I have the same questions about what goes on between my two boys sometimes…

  3. Sibling rivalry knows no language barrier!

  4. Brothers are psychic, you know. They know when the other is about to do something bad, they know when they should join together in conspiracy, and they know when Mom needs some love.

  5. We know just how to wound the ones who love us.

    At 18 months, though, perhaps he’s just being literal. Being a brother is different from being a friend. Ben probably thinks it’s WAY better.

  6. Ugh. That is the favorite among my boys. They are constantly saying that to each other and then not a minute later they are telling each other they are best friends. Boys. What ya gonna do?

  7. Maybe it was one of those “He said it with his EYES” sort of things. I’ve seen toddlers give that very look.

  8. Bean has given me some looks that definitely meant “I am NOT your friend right now!” even though he can’t actually string those words together.

    Still, this made me laugh. Oh, brothers. 😀

  9. Heh heh. That’s hilarious.

  10. I’m an only child so I haven’t quite gotton the things that siblings do to each other. Probably the same way they don’t get the words “ignore him/her” I do find myself laughing to myself when my 3 year old hits the 8 year old and runs away. I guess he should get in trouble, but he’s too damn cute. I guess that’s why the “baby” is always spoiled.

  11. heh. yeah, D comes up with interesting sayings or actions that he alleges Peep to have uttered/committed.

  12. Nina was very angry last week because Laura called her a Republican.

  13. I think my youngest boys are the same age gap – and nearly the same ages – the communication failures are really quite astounding!

  14. Mine are a little older, and we have the added bonus of testosterone and puberty rearing their ugly heads. So the clashes between my boys can sometimes get very ugly.

    I use guilt. “Someday Dad and I will be gone and all you will have is each other….”

    It works…most of the time.

  15. This is awesome. As a kid, I used to blame everything on my little sister. Only with the wisdom of age did I realize my mom knew my little sister was too young to be doing anything I blamed on her. 🙂

  16. Aw, I know how easy it is for kids to twist things around. Now that my children are tween and teen ages, and 1 is a boy, the other a girl, misunderstandings abound!

  17. Oh that is so classic! My older brother tried to pull this all the time. BUt I have to agree with Megan. Sibling rivalry truly knows no barriers indeed!

  18. That jibberish could be a highly-developed language between boys, like some kind of dolphin-speak. Could explain why they have a hard time understanding women.

  19. one minute they are not friends and the next they are inseperable. brothers are the best

  20. Ah-ha! And so it starts! They are already developing their own special brotherly language. Watch out mommy! 🙂

  21. *Obviously* if Ben were really his friend, he would let him fall asleep in peace. Duh!


  22. Oh that’s cute – that is male testerone at work in the very early stages. At the end of the day, they’re always best-o-pals.

    And your 18 month old can say that sentence already? I’m totally impressed!

  23. Wow, I’m impressed by your the 18 month’s language . ..awesome!!!

  24. And as you can see, it is far better than mine!

    “by your the 18 month’s language”

  25. What a cute story. My nephew does this exact thing to his little brother all the time. Brothers…

  26. I totally bet he said it.

  27. Too funny.

    Hollis tells us things that his brother says or said all the time. At first we called him Holden’s interpreter but he also uses this power for evil.

    “Brother said he wants me to have his cookie.” Uh huh. Sure he did.

    Thankfully, Holden can now speak up for himself and cry foul!

  28. Seriously, who knows how brothers communicate?? 😉