Curious George has four

So, we are considering getting a laptop, as it is getting to time for a new computer.  Anyone want to make a pitch for a Mac or a PC?  It will be mostly mine, which means the most complicated thing it will be used for is uploading photos off our digital camera.  I’ll take any suggestions.

And, while you are giving computer advice, can anyone suggest good, educational computer games for a three to four year olds and for a twenty-month-old, preferably games that will keep them entertained for, say, two hours of the eleven-hour flight we need to take next month?  Thanks.



It appears I was mistaken in yesterday’s post.  According to a member of the Israeli Parliament, new rules in the Holy Land allowing same-sex couples to adopt have ticked off God so much that He is sending earthquakes.  I stand corrected.



            Our dinner table, three to five nights a week, is set for three.  J is traveling or working or stuck on the Tube, and the boys and I are used to pressing on without him.  There is sort of a rhythm to our lives together, one that is thrown off when their father arrives.  Without him here, we read each others’ cues flawlessly.  OK, not flawlessly, but generally the boys know when to patter over to their chairs, I know when Zach needs his Taggie picked up off the floor if I want him to stay in his seat, and Ben knows to sit and patiently eat peas on the floor until his supper is on the table.  Every now and then, however, one needs water, the other needs his sleeves rolled up, and the pasta has been in the pot for fourteen minutes, which is at least two more than recommended on the box.

            Even these moments have their rituals, which includes me saying “Boys, I only have two hands” a lot.  I know that I must repeat this frequently because, recently, in one such moment, when I was trying to simultaneously retrieve a dropped spoon, serve up milk, and stop the tofu from burning, I told them “Hang on boys; I’m moving as fast as I can.”

“You know, Mommy,” Zach responded. “You have two hands.  That means you can do two things at once.”

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  1. I would go MAC. They don’t get virius’ like PCs. And they are cool to boot.

  2. I find macs great for handling digital photos. iPhoto, which comes with all macs, is an excellent photo program.

  3. Such a smart kid!

    And I am getting a laptop soon too! I can’t wait! This is my reward for earning an income from the freelance gig.

    (Did I mention that this is my reward to myself? :))

  4. Funny boy. They hear everything, don’t they?

    Sorry, no recommendations. But I send all my good thoughts re: getting through that flight.

  5. I stick to PCs for compatibility in what I do. They handle my Adobe design package and graphic, art, design and photo work fine.

    We don’t play on the computers with the kids, but they did get some program where they can color photos on the computer and they love that. It should do well for both kids for quite some time. Sadly, I don’t know what it is.

    LOL about your story. I hear you on that (similar situation here). My tag line is, “I can only move at a human speed and do one thing at a time.”

    I like the hands thing LOL.

  6. best to teach multitasking at a young age…

  7. Ah yes, but two boys plus dinner means you need to be doing at least three things at once!

    Macs will be great with Adobe and have a lot of native software that’s a lot of fun (the boys would probably enjoy the camera and the nifty application that lets you warp the resulting image). That said, they are more expensive and if you want to run a lot of general software that’s out there you’ll need to set up a Windows emulation thingy.

  8. The computer thing depends on what software you’re going to use.

    He’s got a point there, if you have two hands, they should each be doing something, right?

  9. Go with a Mac. After 15 years in the computer industry in one capacity or another I have worked with just about every operating system under the sun, from classic mac (crap) to windows 3.0 through Windows 2003 Server and Windows Vista to 20 or so different flavors of Unix, to Mac OS X (which is also a unix flavor). If you really need a piece of PC software you can always use VMWare Fusion on the Mac to run a PC virtual machine. The Mac is elegant, easy to use, incredibly stable and feature rich. You pay a small premium on it but it’s worth it for the lack of headaches.

  10. Mac Mac and Mac. Did I mention you should get a Mac? Unrivaled ease of use and functionality. Get AppleCare. You will never regret buying a Mac.

    And your kid and mine need to get together. Or then again, if they did, they might be able to achieve world domination.

  11. I just got a laptop, a pc (I know, it’s NOT a mac) but it was a good buy and I am loving having one.

    That is so funny about the two hand thing. Once, when my oldest was about four, the baby was crying and she came in to my room to let me know. I was having a moment, and I told her I knew the baby was up but I just didn’t want to get her right away.

    My daughter looked at me and told me I shouldn’t have had kids if it’s was too hard for me.

  12. mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac!!!!!

    oh, how i love my macbook! and my imac and my ipods….

    and and the iphone i don’t have…

  13. hee hee. I HATED it when my mom said that to me. Now I say it to my “kids” and they don’t even understand english. It seems that dinner attracts all events that can oly be remedied by the one person “fixin'” the dinner. Hmpf.
    Thanks for the re-welcome!

  14. I am PC all the way. Don’t blame me, my dad has brainwashed me since the first PC came out years ago.

    I find that The Mr., as much as I love him, can turn a calm house into chaos with his arrival. Is it dad’s? Or just the interruption of the routine?

  15. I love my mac, but it can’t play a lot of the games my guys want to play. If you use the virtual PC, the games run so slow it’s not worth it.

    Seth *loved* the Clifford games when he was younger. And Putt-Putt. You may need to help out with those, but they’re fun. I second Julie’s recommendation of the coloring/drawing thing – my guys find those on websites, but I know there are discs and downloads. Very easy and engaging. I refuse to use the word “educational” because everything, everything, everything is. Find what’s fun, and they’ll learn.

  16. Haha! Smart kid!
    I use that line all the time too. And the other day Tommy was asking for this and that when I was running around crazy and Joey says to him, “Mumma only has two hands, ya know!”
    Heh heh. Little farts.

  17. We don’t even bother with computer games–our kids just go to PBSKids and are happy (but try to keep them away from the evil that is WebKinz for as long as possible; why did I even tell you about it? because it’s evil and it made me do it).

    I love being one of two parents, but there is a way in which the three of us get along somehow better than the four.

    Except early in the morning, when I’m the only available parent to rise and shine, that is.

  18. I loved my Mac (RIP), and only use a PC because I destroyed my Mac by accident. Stupid user error.

  19. If I had all the money in the world, I would buy a MAC. In fact, even without all that money, I have declared to my aghast family, that the next computer will be a MAC. We’ll see. But if I was buying tomorrow, that’s what I’d get. PC’s Vista, if you haven’t already used it, blows big wads of crap out its arse.

  20. I have both and they both have their ‘uniqueness’ both good and bad. I’d get a PC if I could only choose one. Mac has definitely won the marketing war and has an awesome niche in the creative arena. PC’s have won the majority world-wide (due to cost, compatibility) .

    At the end of the day, get what you like.

  21. I know Macs are what all the cool kids are using these days, but for me, and my low tech computer needs, it’s my Dell laptop all the way. Macs may not get as many viruses, but they’re way more eppensive, and tricky to operate if your used to a PC. Plus, there’s the software compatibility issues. *shrugs* I’m pretty lame when it comes to computer stuff, but I edit my product photos just fine with my PC.

  22. I love my Dell XPS. It is TINY. I am coveting an Air Macbook.

  23. I’ve had a PowerBook G4 for four years with nary a problem. It is my first mac and took some getting used to, but we survived each other.

    Oh, is our rhythm thrown off when my husband is home. Weekends are bad enough; I’m thinking of giving up on family vacations altogether.

  24. Ha!!!! I think your little man and my little man are related.

    DJ asked for a glass of milk – nice and polite. I said OK and took another bite of dinner and he snarked, “aum, today, can I have my milk today?” the funny thing is that he did not mean it meanly!!!

  25. Macbook!

    And this doesn’t help on an airplane, but it’s a charming site:

  26. I am a pc gal, but would love to get my hands on a mac and see what all the fuss is about… My artist friends tell me “once you go mac, you never go back”.

    My kids love to play with the Reader Rabbit educational games. The “Toddler” disc is very good at teaching hand-eye co ordination (point-and-click), and the games DO have some educational value. We have also enjoyed the Arthur discs, which are like interactive versions of the books (esp. “D.W. the Picky Eater”), as well as Dr. Seuss’ ABC.

    Good luck on your flight!! I’m sure you’ll do just fine. When I’m taking my three on a long-haul, my secret weapon is an arsenal of dollar store toys, crayons, markers, etc. which I wrap up in newsprint (unwrapping takes up a little more time, and increases the surprise and delight factors!) Biggest “hits” have been tiny tea-sets and little tiny plastic barnyard and zoo animals… And of course, books, books, books!

    Hope this helps… xo CGF

  27. I like the new picture.

  28. I heart my MacBook Pro.

    Totally get the way the rhythm gets established with just you and the kids and, despite how happy everyone is to see the husband/dad show up, it does tend to disrupt the flow. Everyone needs time to recalibrate…

  29. I’m a Dell girl. Love my laptop. Love. It. Plus, in my personal experience, using a Mac requires BOTH HANDS, while this is not so much the case with my Dell.

  30. doesn’t miss much does he?

  31. I’m a “bilingual” computer user but we’ve owned Macs at home since 1980 and I’ve had my own Mac laptop as my constant companion for the last five years or so. Currently a MacBook. Even goes to the beach. I do a lot of photo work and it’s great for that. Windows is okay too though. It’s really all about Photoshop.

    My knowledge of kid-oriented software is 20 years old. Sticky Bear ABC anyone? Apple II+?

  32. And cool that Reader Rabbit is still around!

  33. Cute story. We have both in our house. My needs are the same as yours, and my PC (Dell) does just fine. Jeff’s Mac meets his nerdy hacker needs but you know what? He still borrows mine a lot.

  34. I use both platforms. For the purposes you described, I’d say go Mac. iPhoto is a great way to manage photos.

    There are more software packages available for PCs, but they are more prone to viruses.

  35. I once heard my then-4-year-old daughter say to her older brother, “Theo, this isn’t a restaurant.” Wonder where she picked that up from?

  36. used to be a mac person and am now a pc person. pcs have come a long way, and, quite frankly, there’s a lot more software out there that’s compatible with them than with macs.

    more specifically, my husband and i are dell fans.

    and your z. is a clever one!

  37. Mac – full stop. The advantages outrun the disadvantages by far …

    … and that little boy of yours – is a smart one!

  38. Clever kid, Zach. And also funny. 🙂