Feline troubles

            Please know, I do indeed understand the meaning of the word “irony.”  I want to state that up front, because I fear that later you will be too busy gasping for breath on the floor as you sob with laughter to notice such disclaimers.

            When we left Philadelphia, we had a cat, Nala.  She had been with me for many years, long before Zachary came along and usurped her role as ruler of the house.  Unfortunately, we could not move her with us, both because the quarantine is excessive (we did not have enough notice for the chip) and because she does not like a three-minute ride to the vet, let alone a seven-hour flight.  We found a former student of mine who was just graduating college who wanted a cat in med school. 

            However, knowing that women just graduating from college cannot predict the trajectory of their lives, I assured my young friend that, if her circumstances changed over the next two years and a cat was no longer feasible, I would take Nala off her hands when we returned to Philadelphia.  It would be her choice.

            Cue ominous music.  This young med student can no longer keep Nala.  She loves the cat, really she does, but she is going on away rotations and then will be at the hospital all the time for clinicals.

            But, the problem here is that we are no longer returning to Philly, and shipping a cat from Philadelphia to L.A. just to be with a family she no longer remembers strikes me as a form of animal cruelty.  (Shut UP about the irony, please.)  We really do not wish to put the cat through that ordeal.  We would like to find a nice family within an hour or two of Philly who wants a cat.

            If you know anyone, here’s the deal.  She’s old – thirteen years.  She’s calico with some Siamese, we think.  She’s ornery but not violent – she’s just a cat and she likes things her way.  She’s affectionate with the person she attaches to (because, she’s a cat).  She’s fine with children, never hurting them, but she isn’t dying for kids.  Although, that said, she tried to curry Zach’s favor in hopes of getting me to pay attention to her again.  She’s your basic coddled house pet who wants a nice spot in the sun and a lap to sit on.  While she is OK with children, she is not OK with other animals, so she needs to enter a pet-free household.  She never goes outside of the litter box, she is a good mouser, and she generally earns her keep.

            So, if you know any nice people in the Philly area who can verify that they are kind to animals, please send them my way.  (If you have never before commented and I suddenly hear from you, I am going to assume you are the kind of person who tries to get your hands on innocent cats to do awful things to them and I will disregard your offer.  Don’t take it personally.)

            Thanks folks.  You can stop shaking your head in amazement at the twisted paths of fate now.

25 responses to “Feline troubles

  1. I love twisted irony! I would take your cat. I really, truly would. I want a cat so bad as do the children. It’s the husband that is the problem. He doesn’t like animals that do their “business” in the house. It’s fine when the animal chews your furniture and woodwork up though.

  2. sending this to someone & will get back to you.

  3. Hey, I bet that cat is gonna be worth a fortune when you’re famous 😉

  4. Hmm … does Cecily Kellogg of Uppercase Woman (used to be And I Wasted All that Birth Control) live near Philly? I don’t know her, exactly, except in that exchange a few random e-mail blog way, even though we are Facebook friends (heh). I think she loves animals and is connected to people in Philly who might be willing to help an old cat out. She’s just getting back from vacation right now, but she might be able to help you. Here’s her url: http://www.uppercasewoman.com/wastedbirthcontrol/

    (Man, I hope she lives near Philly after all of that.)

  5. Oh, I love old ornery lady cats. I have two of my own, as you know.

    Too bad I’m not on the right side of the continent to help out. 😦

  6. I’ll speak to my Philly brother-in-law. He’s already got a dog and a cat otherwise I’m sure they would love to take the cat, but they may know someone. If I didn’t already have two cats myself, I’d drive down for her.

  7. Wish I could take her.. but I’m in the wrong part of the world. 🙂

  8. I love posts that contain the words irony, ornery and ominous.

    Best of luck placing your Cat! I’m going to have to block you from my reader, because if my Girl (who longs for any kitty, even the ornery kind) were to read this, there would be ominous music in my future.

  9. Sigh…You don’t need to hear from another who would totally take her if they could, but add me to that list. I would! But already have two cats and a dog that thinks its mission is to herd the cats. Nala would be miserable here. 😦

  10. I might know someone. Let me get back to you. I think you’re doing the right thing, fwiw.

  11. I’m laughing so hard right now. I’m sorry. I’ll try to pull it together.

    It didn’t work. I’m still laughing. But wishing you luck find the cat a new home.

    Also, not to be too ungenerous, but is it possible this former student of yours could ask around her acquaintance in Philly – since she lives there?

    I have family in Philly, but they really are all crazy. I wouldn’t do that to your former cat.

  12. irony is so ironic. i love that about irony. it gets us every time.

  13. You have no idea how relieved I am about these 3 things: We live in Arizona, far away from Philly. We have a dog. And my girl is allergic to cats.

    But, otherwise? I would totally take the cat.

    I’m going to direct all the people who don’t understand the meaning of irony to this post. Maybe it will sink in, and they’ll start using the word correctly.

  14. It sounds like transporting this cat to LA may not be the right thing to do in general…

    BUT, I wouldn’t be so sure that the cat won’t remember you after two years. I moved to SF and left the cat with my remaining Boston roommates – two years later, roommates and cat came to Berkeley and the cat definitely remembered me and let me pet him when every other “stranger” got the hiss and spit treatment.

  15. hey! i might have a lead! go to this blog and beg:


    the dude totally digs cats, and there are no girls in his house.

  16. ahhh, liv! the problem is, i do have two other kitties already (one i’m watching for a friend having a baby), a big oafy dog, and a lizard. ergo, probably not a good match for Nala

  17. EXACTLY what liv said.

  18. The irony? Is pretty darn funny. I am of no help to you (despite the world’s insistence that Philly and Pittsburgh are close together, we both know they are not), but I wish you all the luck in the world.

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  20. You want catch any grief from me. Irony has bitten my on the ass more than once. Good luck!

  21. Have you checked with your family? Maybe someone would want to adopt her?

    (J/K, clearly.)

    Good luck.

  22. I’m trying not to laugh. *snort*

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