Takin’ care of business

            I am faced with a dilemma: I cannot read all of the posts that pop up in my Google Reader unless I:

            A) Stop changing Benjamin’s diapers

            B) Never, ever leave a comment

            C) Cut out about half the blogs in my Reader

            D) Stop conversing with my husband.

None of these options appeal to me.  And, so, the obvious answer is to not read everything that pops up.  Here is the only way I can think of to keep blogging and keep a real life:

            As it is, I do not post or read posts on the weekends.  But, clearly I am a minority with this restriction, because I find myself spending Monday and Tuesday frantically trying to catch up.  So, from now on, each Monday morning, when I power up the computer and log into Google Reader to find 217 posts waiting for me, I will simply hit the “Mark All As Read” button. This option clearly sucks, but Benjamin would get some nasty diaper rash if I went with option A.

            That said, I don’t want to miss the important stuff, so if you post anything earth-shattering between, say, Friday afternoons and Monday mornings, do me a favor and leave me a note in my comments so I can pop on over.  I’d hate to miss out if one of you posted that you had found cure for cancer.  Starting this past weekend, please.

            Thanks, folks.

            Jennifer, at Thursday Drive, gave me this lovely award:



(E is also for Emily, in case you were wondering.)  Jennifer truly deserves it, and she has recently begun a series of posts that promises to be riveting.  I suggest you bookmark her immediately.  You all gave me so much encouragement in a similar project, and I know she would love to have your support.

            I would like to pass it on to two amazing blogs I have recently discovered, blogs that require time for quiet reflection. Tales from the Reading Roomis written by an insightful and eloquent bibliophile.  Although I know many of you do not like fiction in blogs, Very Short Novels is worth an exception for the muscular yet nuanced voice (plus, all the posts are under 299 words).  Please visit these blogs, as they are truly excellent.

Because it wouldn’t be a post without something about at least one of my kids.  This weekend, Zachary said to me: “I heard you, Mommy.  Sometimes I can’t hear you because I am just too busy playing with my brother.”

Bossing his brother around, I think he meant to say.

            In my infinite wisdom, I have planned a baby shower for a friend four days before we move.  Fortunately, it is a very low-maintenance baby-shower, and pretty much everything is taken care of, as we will be going to an afternoon tea.  However, the guest of honor has agreed to do a few baby shower games, and I am not all that familiar with such activities.  This is the part where I ask you for suggestions — any favorite games?

               Because this is a rather lovely woman, I would prefer to stick to games that have a certain level of dignity.  In other words, we will NOT be measuring her belly or guessing the contents of a poopy diaper.  But, I would love suggestions of interesting activities to allow about 9 women to interact around an afternoon tea.  Lighthearted games are great; embarrassing ones are probably a bad idea.

                Oh, and L — don’t read the comments, or you’ll ruin the surprise.

28 responses to “Takin’ care of business

  1. My favorite baby shower game is for everyone to provide a picture of themselves as babies to the host a few days in advance. then everyone has to guess who the baby is! its cute and fun to see everyone as a baby. 🙂

  2. mix it up with blessing way ideas – henna the mama’s tummy together, asks guests to bring two beads each (one for mom, one for baby) and make her a necklace to wear for her birth or for the baby to fiddle with later, ask each mom to share a positive birth/postpartum/newborn story, or to bring a piece of writing or music that helped them on their journey to motherhood. Very best wishes to your friend!
    Yes, diaper changes do eat up a lot of otherwise bloggable time. Alas. My only story is that I tend to only post on the weekend if I am doing a Sensory Sat/Sun update on LP – or if something earth-shattering happens,which I don’t think it ever has before, in which case, I’ll inform you.

  3. The “mark all as read” option seems to be the best one. Wouldn’t want Benjamin to go without a diaper change! (you wouldn’t like it, and neither would he.)

    My own showers weren’t that long ago…and I honestly can’t remember what games we played! I think, perhaps, my baby ate my brain. 😉

  4. I pick one afternoon a week and spend two hours doing nothing but commenting and the rest of the week I just do what I can. But it still feels like I’m never going to catch up, commenting wise.

  5. Its impossible to keep up. Relax, hit the all as read. We all do it.

  6. i’m far from a baby shower expert esp. ones with games BUT i’ve always thought a great book to publish for the perfect baby shower gift would be a collection of stories from parents about goofy/dumb things we’ve all done where the kids managed to survive with minmal damage despite our ineptitude. it could make a new parent feel better 🙂

    like the time i locked my then three-month-old twins in the car in a nyc public parking garage…

    [pls. give me credit if any of you do manage to publish such a book….]

  7. Thank you, Emily! I appreciate your support. And I look forward to looking at the two other blogs you mentioned.

    I understand the need to cut back on reading. The laundry that needs folding in my house is telling me the same thing. But the consequences of ignoring it are a bit less dire than what would happen to Benjamin’s tushie. Priorities, right?

  8. Ahh, a girl after my own heart. I don’t post or read posts on the weekend (usually) either.

    I get in to work, and can sometimes have 150 posts to read in my reader, and I too would spend 2 days trying to catch up.

    Now, I just skip over the ones I’m mediocre about, and read the people who are my “peeps”, until I catch up.

  9. Blog-free weekends are the only way to go. That said, EVERYTHING I write is earth-shattering… just as everything I tell my Children is beautiful and philosophical and worth recording in their Daily Journal of Wisdom From My Mother.

  10. Well you know I’m with you wrt to the keeping up with blogs and so forth.

    Baby showers? I only go for the food and as a show of support but oy am I glad I’m getting so old that I don’t have many these days. A break! At least until grandkid stage.

    I did enjoy the baby shower bingo all right at the last one, and actually reallyenjoyed the word game.

    You take the names of the parents (first only) and make as many possible names out of them as you can. Not *real* suggestions for the baby’s name but as if it were for the baby, KWIM?

  11. I don’t usually post on the weekends, in fact this weekend I didn’t even make it to comment on others blogs and my reader was a shock this am as well. I am plowing through since work is slow. But, I grouped my reader blogs by the ones I always comment on, the ones I sometimes comment on and the ones that I look at but never comment. That way, when I am busy I just look at the first section and enjoy those and let the others go for another day.

  12. I don’t usually post on weekends with the exception of Sacred Life Sunday. Beyond that, I post mainly on Wednesday and Friday. You’ll likely miss most of mine.

  13. ha! I never post on weekends, so at least I’m safe.

    I do not know one baby shower game. Sorry.

  14. I FEEL THE SAME WAY! Last week, I was too crabby to really get into my blogs like I usually do, and felt terribly guilty for it.

    Man, the guilt never ends around here, does it?

  15. Emily – thank you so very much! I’m so touched by the award! I’ve been a lucky woman to find your site, I feel, and to add you to my feeds despite knowing exactly what you mean about the (250) that pops up intimidatingly on a Monday morning! I have a handful of blogs I visit daily, then a second rung I get to twice a week, and everyone else I try and visit once a week. Naturally it all falls to pieces occasionally, but it’s a strategy. It’s entertaining that you should also choose davidbdale’s blog, because we’ve been blog friends for over a year now and it’s funny how often we get referred to together! I agree that he’s a wonderful read.

  16. Not sure what everyone else has suggested, but this one works well for sitting around at tea. Give each guest a sheet of paper with the parents’ names at the top. Have them make a list of possible baby names using only those letters. Whoever has the greatest number of unique names (ones that no one else comes up with) wins. Not too crazy but can be funny.

    I’m considering your “mark as read” option. We were out of town this weekend, and I am so behind on everything! I have got to limit my time around the blogosphere.

  17. OK, I realise that this is a weird post to de-lurk on, but I do have one fun baby shower game that doubles as a gift for the mom to be. Purchase a number of baby necessities from the drug store (this can be done by the hostess or as a pot luck by the guests) and fill a basket or diaper bag with them. Give every guest a piece of paper and have them guess the prices of the individual items in the basket/bag; the person with the closest total wins a prize. The game works best in a crowd that includes some people who have yet to have children because not everyone knows the price of talcum powder or nipple cream.

  18. I never could have imagined how time consuming blogging is. I’ve recently cut out writing or commenting on weekends too.

  19. Keeping up is impossible…I know I just have to hit delete sometimes… or skim through and not comment. Just the way it goes. 🙂

  20. You deserve that award, you are excellent.

  21. I promise I shall only publish drivel and links to other people on weekends. : )

  22. i had similar thoughts this weekend – i didn’t read blogs and had 140 in my reader by Sunday. it made me feel kinda ill, actually.

  23. I too am buried by my Reader and find myself choosing to either post myself, comment around, or read a lot of blogs. I can’t do all three! Ahhh!

    I have a love/hate with Mark All As Read.

  24. i find i can’t read it all, either! i’m learning to not comment on every post, and sometimes i’ll let 2 or 3 posts build up on someone’s page, and then check them all. This actually saves time. And I’ve come to accept that my google reader will never read zero again. 😉

    A friend of mine had people decorate Onesies at her shower – the person throwing it bought several different sizes of onesies, then provided tables with fabric paint markers, and people decorated onesies and t-shirts. I thought it was such a cute idea, and if I ever throw a shower, I plan to do it.

  25. I have recently stopped reading on the weekends, which sometimes means it takes me all week to make the rounds, but I’m OK with that. I post on the weekends, but I usually save my “crap” posts for that (memes, answering questions, things that only a few people may be interested in). So far it’s working for me.

  26. do you really need games? really?

    i can’t keep up with my reader anymore either. which is why i’m reading 9 or 10 posts of yours in a row. i think i was saving you for last, as a treat.

  27. I’m having the same problem with time management, but my reasons aren’t nearly as good as yours.

  28. Well, I haven’t posted anything earth shattering, but I must admit that when I posted it (on a Sunday, what was I thinking) I specifically had you in mind as someone I’d love to weight in on my thoughts. I’m not sure why exactly, as we’d come at it from very different places. As I typed that, I realized that was it exactly – I very much respect your opinion and find that we come from different places often to a similar place. Now I’m babbling but – stop by if you feel like it.