P.S.A. on behalf of my son

            Zachary, who is three and a half, has recently started a new preschool here in L.A.  He is the kind of child who actually comes home and tells his mother what he did at school.  And what his friends did.  And what the teachers did.  And what the children in the other classes did.  And whether someone in the main office farted during snack time. 

            One day, about a week into his new school, he was well warmed up for his afternoon of non-stop talking, when he shared with me the following important information about his day.  “At school, I showed my new friends my Thomas underwear because they didn’t know what kind of underwear I had.  And they showed me their underwear because I didn’t know what kind they had.  And they had Spiderman and Superman. “  Ever so pleased with himself for having conveyed this crucial bit of information, he went on to reminisce about his best friend and neighbor from London, a boy we will call James because of his fondness for a certain 007.  “At James’s house, I dressed up as Spiderman.”

            Zachary appears to be balancing his memories of his old friends with the new relationships he is forming. 

And, a few days later, when we bought him some new underpants to replace the ones that were getting so tight I was concerned about his ability to walk, he was thrilled.  He would have something new for the show-and-tell that apparently takes place in his preschool bathroom.  “I am going to show Eric my new underwear,” he mused.

            But then, that evening, he realized that his joy was incomplete, that there was something missing from the fulsomeness of his bliss.  “My friends in London don’t know that I have new underwear,” he told me, clearly worried about leaving them out.

            Since I know that Zachary’s former teacher and James’s mother both read my blog, I would like to make the following announcement on behalf of my son.  I hope they will be kind enough to pass it along to all of his friends from London, who are no doubt anxiously awaiting an undergarment update.  Please inform them that Zach is now the proud owner of truck underwear, tractor underwear, and lizard underwear.  If they are ever in town, I am sure he will be happy to show it to them.

20 responses to “P.S.A. on behalf of my son

  1. A powerful PSA, indeed! heh

  2. How very sweet of you. 🙂

  3. i love it. i love the reports from preschool — i don’t get those anymore and i miss them.

  4. I Love it!! Underwear is so important. Jack Jack was just showing off his golf underwear last night to a crowd at a family birthday party.

  5. Why did this make me get tears in my eyes? What the heck?!?

  6. Maybe they can put up a sign in Zach’s old school’s bathroom.

    Sweet story. In a couple of years, the underwear will be no more interesting than which color of boxer briefs that day. Though those are pretty darn cute, too.

  7. ROTFLMAO – that is simply priceless.

  8. That is too funny!

  9. At least he is wearing them ; )

  10. This is too cute.

    You know, nobody has called me, today, and asked me what kind of underwear I’m wearing.

    (Wonder Woman. If anyone’s interested.)

  11. I am laughing here. This is SO preschool. I remember getting similar reports from Eleanor when she was in preschool. So far, none from Sylvia, but maybe it just isn’t her thing.


  12. Ease up!He’s not even 4 yet!

  13. Am I the only one a little confused by that last comment?!

  14. blogs are so useful.

    i’ve been finding out a great deal about underwear lately too…though not yet showing it. that degeneration will likely follow soon.

    and yes, no need to ease up.

  15. That is the funniest thing ever! It’s so cool that he’s so proud of his underoos.

  16. Love it!! And where in the world did you find the tractor underwear?

    My son, “The Tractor,” would LOVE them!!

    (Imagine that??)

  17. LOL. Watch out, though, that he doesn’t get the reputation for being the class streaker or anything. (I’m kidding! I think; I don’t know what parents in L.A. are like.)

  18. LOL. it’s so funny the things that connect in their little brains, isn’t it? Or more accurately, the things they actually verbalize (we all know we have weird shit that we think about, we’ve just had our blatant honesty shaken from us over the years).

  19. This post just hit me…how much your life has changed and how life can and should be an adventure…especially since not everyone wears the same type of underwear…thanks for sharing!