My sister-in-law is backing Zachary on this one

            We decided it was time to tell Zachary about the baby.  We had waited, figuring that a transcontinental move was enough for him to worry about, without the additional stress of an impending third child.  However, when one of his new classmates arrived for a playdate, his mother informed me that her son had told her, “Zach’s mommy has a baby in her belly.”  We sort of figured it was best for him to hear it from us, rather than around the preschool water cooler.

            Zach was thrilled at the prospect of another sibling.  We told Benjamin, too, but it was hard to tell whether he was excited over the baby I am hauling around or the baby stegosaurus bath toy.

            The next day, I was on the phone with a friend in Boston, and Zach was feeling chatty, so he took a turn on the phone.  “There’s a sister in my mommy’s belly,” he announced.  Now, I have long suspected this one is a girl, but I do not yet have any medical evidence to support my conclusion, and it is five more weeks before the ultrasound where the baby gets a chance to flash us all.

            “It could be a boy,” I told him.

            “No,” he told my friend.  “We already have two brothers and one daddy and one grandpa.  We don’t have a lot of ladies around here.”

            And so it has been.  Everyone he cares to discuss my delicate condition with is informed that he is getting a sister because we already have enough brothers.  Stay tuned for May 20 to see whether we will need to have yet another difficult conversation with him.

21 responses to “My sister-in-law is backing Zachary on this one

  1. How exciting! We were sure #3 would be a boy in our house! Oh well, girls are nice!

    Health to you all!

  2. I have a stunning history of being wrong about this, so I’m not going to bother trying to guess.

    Wait, I can guess! It’s going to be…a BABY!

    See, I’m right about SOMETHING!

  3. Whatever happens, let’s cheer Zach’s appreciation for the ladies. Hooray!

  4. The Poo predicted her brother’s gender, and she shared a similar sense of conviction. He may be right!

  5. I thought #3 was a girl and both my boys decided it was a girl…and heck…it was!!!

    I think it is funny how when people hear #3 is a girl – they remark “FINALLY!” or “You got your girl, how perfect!” To tell the truth, I wanted a boy…as I see it – with each boy I have to worry about one peenieweenie but, with 1 girl, I have to worry about ALL the peenieweenie out there.

    Let’s just hope for healthy…and I am sure you can handle any conversations that come up!!!


  6. Oh, how fun. May the joy continue ; )

  7. laughing out loud!

    Girls are wonderful but good luck either way. 🙂

  8. Tell him that preschool edict: You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.

    No? You were probably going for something a little bit more sensitive. 🙂

    He will be a proud big brother either way. I love his certainty, though.

  9. I love it. My husband’s brother, when he was little, told his friends that his mom was going to give birth to a tractor (for sister #1) and then a snake (for sister #2). Luckily he was wrong.

  10. Well, he does make a good argument.

    (And I loved the bit about the baby having a chance to flash you all. I hope he or she is cooperative in that respect.)

  11. We don’t have a lot of ladies around here…
    He is too too cute!
    He would be a kickin (read: protective, supportive, sweet, empathetic,…) older brother for a little girl.
    I’m pulling for a sister. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  12. Wow, you’re already that far along!!

    How exciting!

  13. Oh my! He is too cute! Enough guys around here. HA!! So funny!
    My oldest son was the only one who kept saying that our third was going to be a boy, and he was right. 🙂

  14. “We don’t have a lot of ladies around here.”

    I love this line! How sweet.

    Here’s hoping that your little one in your belly isn’t as squirmy as mine was during the ultra-sound (and still is). We know for sure that we’re having a modest baby who keeps legs crossed for pictures. But I remember that Z told you that I was having a girl (and yes, backed up somewhat by our ultrasound) so we can test out his prediction in a few weeks.

  15. ‘We don’t have a lot of ladies around here’ – hilarious! I just adore the phrasing of that one. It’s true, Emily, you could do with another girl on board to even things up!

  16. That is sweet that he wants a sister. We have to count the dog when we do boys vs. girls at our house.

  17. That is so adorable – most boys would be rooting for another brother – what a little sweetie!

  18. My friend’s two little sons INSISTED their new baby was going to be a girl. They would not hear of it any other way. And they got little Elizabeth!

  19. I love the logic. Of course it’s a girl!

  20. From my experience, kids seem to have that absolute conviction when they say, “I’m going to have a brother” or “I’m going to have a sister.” My cousin’s little girl said, when she was three, “There’s no way Mom would give me a brother. Yuck!” And she was right. 🙂

  21. marking my calendar for the u/s. I can hardly wait for you to find out and tell us!