Man at work

            “I’m going in here,” he announced.  “I am working.”  Zach has never been in a Montessori classroom, so I was a little curious as to exactly what working entails for a three-and-a-half-year-old.

            “I’m making a book,” he went on.  Since he cannot yet write, he explained, he would be making his book out of stickers. 

            This kind of ambition, I decided, warranted a bit of encouragement, if only because we could use another income around here.  So, we hit Staples and picked up some supplies.  Now, he has gone multi-media, with glitter sticks, construction paper, glue, and scissors.  And, I must say, the book is looking mighty pretty.

            Unfortunately, I am finding that somehow his book project is leaving me even less time for mine.

12 responses to “Man at work

  1. look how he has learned from you, though? you’ll have to save that book, and you can talk with him about how it was made at the same time you were working on yours

  2. I love that. We got Patience a book kit, finally, and she loves it. Our “keeper” box is getting pretty full. 🙂

    Enjoy making BOTH books.

  3. Ah, I love that, too. Zachary’s at such a great age.

  4. “I am working.” Love that. I’m guessing he’s been watching you work on yours? Which, by the way, had better include some collage work with glitter and stickers.

  5. Perhaps yours needs some glitter glue and a few shiny stickers? Or the adult equivalent… whatever that is!

  6. Sounds familiar.

    Ben “works” on a keyboard with Alex. Occasionally he’ll stop to inform me that his “work” is driving him nuts.


  7. He’s going to be so well prepared to help his little sister (I’m with Zachary and guessing girl) with her glitter and glue book some day.

  8. maybe you should try making yours out of stickers too?
    I’ve spent so much time with spring clean up of our too big yard that I’ve taught Henry to say land management. Next we are growing potatoes.

  9. Another crafter/writer in the works 🙂

  10. Steal his ideas. All the good writers are doing it, right?

  11. Is he planning a series? *grins*

  12. I had to pick up rug pads today, right next to the craft store. It’s so tempting….