Clearly gifted

            Benjamin is highly verbal.  At twenty-one months old, he has left the two-word sentence in his dust, and he is now fully capable of expressing all his desires, which is why most of the time he sounds like a walking menu with trucks thrown in.  “No like it pita,” he insists when we put hummus on it.  “Ben turn,” he hollers when Zach is playing with, well, anything.  “Train, take it,” as we left someone’s house, and then “train, keep it,” just in case that would work, instead.  And, my personal favorite.  “Mommy eating big one.”  (He was talking about pieces of watermelon, people.  Get your mind out of the gutter.)

            But, words are not his greatest gift, despite how cute it is when he says “ladder, go up!” then crouches down for “ladder, fall down.”  No, his talent is clearly in the cuddling department.  Zachary, on the other hand, is not a cuddly child, although he does like to snuggle with me.  This is a trait, his father likes to remind me, that Zach comes by honestly.  His mother isn’t much of a cuddler, either.  I do, however, like to snuggle with my kids, and one of them is clearly supremely gifted at it.  Zachary snuggles because he needs the comfort; Benjamin cuddles because that is what he does.

            Ben is ample, he is strong, he is affectionate, and he loves to fit his body into the voids left by other people’s bodies.  And, as much as he likes to cuddle with people, he likes stuffed animals even more.  He feeds his giraffe blankie from right off his plate.  He runs about with his arms fiercely embracing bears and dogs and dolls.  He has them kiss each other, and he provides them with plenty of kisses, himself.

            This, too, is an honest trait.  His father was stuffed animal obsessed, by all accounts.  As a child, J had a bunk bed, because the top bunk was necessary to house the impressive plush collection.  Ben clearly got the gene, because every time we take him off to his bed, he clutches yet another stuffed animal to him.  “Cow come with!” he implores.  We comply, even though he is probably going to need to register his bed as a brothel if any more animals take up residence there.

            Someone is following in Daddy’s footsteps.

14 responses to “Clearly gifted

  1. P is a cuddler too. She has recently taken to coming up to us, shuffling her feet and looking forlorn, and saying, “Mama/Daddy hug”. How can you resist?

    Their language development is absolutely astounding, isn’t it? P wasn’t/isn’t too keen on the two word connection, so she leaps mainly from one word to three or four. The one that made me nearly fall off the sofa the other day was in response to me asking her where Daddy was – “Dad is in bathroom.” Actually, it was more like, “Dad es een bafrom”. Heh.

  2. Aww. I have one exceptionally gifted snuggler (Patience) and one who does well with snuggling but hasn’t got the fundamental need for it (Persistence). We trained her up to tolerate it, though, because she is in a snuggly family. Irony #764: The snugglers are the introverts, and the extrovert is the one on the move, no snuggles required.

    Love the kids with the lovies, so cute.

    Patience has hordes of lovies. Persistence? She snuggles with books.

    Yes, I am VERY proud.

  3. i’m not a snuggler at all, don’t even like hugging people. except when it comes to my two boys. we are always snuggling and it is the best thing ever.

  4. Awww. . .so sweet . ..

    And his verbal skills . . .Wow!!!

  5. My Child 2 was the verbal one, although we knew what we were facing when its first word was “no” and its second, “mine.” Child 1 didn’t see the point in talking much when people reacted so well to the point-and-grunt. Child 3 (still the most truly gifted of all snugglers) didn’t find its voice until its siblings went to school and the cacophony died down enough for the poor child to be heard!

  6. it’s nice to have a snuggler.

  7. That is adorable – my son is a snuggler too and I love it!

  8. I have one great snuggler, and another who is willing. And my son (he’s 9) has an impressive stuffed animal collection. Only once has he asked me to put them away when a friend was coming over to play. I think he just rolls with it now. (I imagine that will change sometime in the next few years)

  9. That is so funny. That describes my two older boys perfectly!

  10. that is a wonderful gift to have! i bet you enjoy it, too! 🙂

  11. My Middle is 6′ 4″ tall and sleeps with a two plush and well worn stuffed creatures on his bed – a lobster and a polar bear. Oh, and he will still, if asked, sit on my lap.

  12. My son was not the biggest cuddler but he had what we eventually termed an army of cuddly toys. It always cheers my heart to see a boy clasping a much loved bear – must surely mean they’ll grow up tender, right?

  13. Love those early talkers. My younger one said

    Stuffed animals? A houseful that I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to get rid of. A couple of them even travel with *me* nowadays.

    Have a good day and thanks for starting mine out with a laugh (“mommy eating big one”). And cuddle your babies while they’re still babies. 🙂

  14. That is so sweet! I wish my Little Mister would cuddle with me. His limit is about seven seconds.