Imaginative play

            My in-laws have a window seat with cushions.  Benjamin discovered them on about his third day there visiting, and Zachary soon joined in, helping his brother toss them on the floor and then wrestling with him upon them.  On Saturday, we returned from the zoo, and the boys commenced chasing each other around the house while holding foot-and-a-half long, column-shaped pillows. 

            Periodically, Benjamin would trip, with his brother on top of him.  Usually, this experience occasions tears, but since he was falling on a substantial, cylindrical pillow, he laughed all the harder.  Finally, his father scooped him up and took him up to prepare for a nap.

            I remained downstairs, going into the kitchen to put away the lunch dishes.  From the next room, I could hear Zachary playing with his cylindrical cushion.  And, what was my sweet boy saying, as he demonstrated his ability to amuse himself with simple playthings rather than complex toys?

            “This is my p-nis.  This is my BIG p-nis.”

19 responses to “Imaginative play

  1. Oh that is funny. Boys.

  2. Oh dear. Boys will be boys I guess. That’s too funny.

  3. Oh, how I love boys.

  4. BWAH! That is classic.

  5. Boys will be boys alright! Love it!

  6. Ahhh. Boys. Ya gotta love ’em! 😉

  7. Totally not expecting that punchline. How young it starts! And they never get over it, do they?

  8. It all comes back to that. That is so funny!

  9. sadly, i’m not surprised. not surprised at all. 😉

  10. LOL! They are all the same. Reminds me of a story my husband tells about the racing game he was given as a child. It was called Grande Prix but in his innocence he took the French accent away and referred to it as Grand Pricks for years.

  11. Further proof that no matter what you do with a boy, someday his brain will remain downstairs.

  12. Ah… this is just the beginning!

  13. I’ m always shocked at the way the Tractor perceives things . . .

    It’s quite enlightening.

  14. The above comment was supposed to go with the post about men vs. women.

    As for the p-nis?

    I’m not at all surprised by that! (lol)

  15. my, they start young.



  16. Wow..gotta love boys, huh. 🙂