Why I won’t be at BlogHer

            The problem with living far from relatives is…  OK, there are a lot of ways to finish that statement.

            … the kids don’t see their grandparents enough.

            … the kids don’t get to build a relationship with their cousins.

            … vacation time is spent visiting instead of vacationing.

            … the money and carbon emissions involved in maintaining a family relationship.

            Lately, the one that has been weighing on my mind is that my husband and I cannot go away together.  Who would watch the children?  We are hiring help, but we cannot leave the kids overnight with someone who has just started watching them.  The grandparents have been known to travel all the way to London to watch our children, but there has been no opportunity for that since we’ve moved (and, let’s be fair, should all their vacation time be spent traveling and babysitting?)  And the clock is ticking.  Once this baby comes, there ain’t no going away for another year. 

Despite all the frequent flier and hotel points my husband accrues, we have no way of using them to escape our children.

            We got no babymoon with Zachary because I was spotting and couldn’t travel.  We got no babymoon with Benjamin because we were neighborhood-hunting in London.  And, yes, there are a lot worse things than not getting a romantic getaway, but we’re starting to need one sorely. 

            Then, it occurred to me, right about the time J’s best friend asked if he could join the guys in Vegas for a weekend in July (he asked me, which I thought was sweet but a bit odd).  I have the perfect person to leave the kids with.

            So, in a few weeks, J will have a guys’ weekend.  And me?  I won’t be at BlogHer the weekend following that because I will be going on a babymoon with my best friend.

            Found a way to use those hotel points, after all.

17 responses to “Why I won’t be at BlogHer

  1. we will miss you.

  2. You picked a beautiful place to visit. Enjoy your babymoon! (And be sure to find a cute pool boy to mist you every 5 minutes or so…)

  3. Have a great time! If it’s not with your husband, at least it’s something. And that place is certainly nothing to sneeze at!

    If it makes you feel in the least better, we got a 2-day babymoom a month before our first child was born. That was our first trip away together to not visit family. The next “similar” trip was a house-hunting trip. Our trips together (to not visit family) until this year have been very few and far between. We’re making up for it now, though!

  4. PERFECT! Getting away with the hubs would be nice, but sometimes you have to settle for very slightly less than perfect.

    That resort looks insanely cool. You’re going to have a blast!

  5. Good for you! That sounds like a great idea.. and glad you were able to come up with a solution.

  6. Have a wonderful time!

    Aside from the “everything working out” part at the end, I could have written this post. Being in the military we always live away from family, and we don’t get vacations because we have to use the Sergeant’s leave time to visit family. One of these days we’ll get lucky and something will work out just right for us, too. 🙂

  7. Oooo!!! That sounds wonderful!

  8. Have a fantastic time – even though I will miss meeting you at BlogHer.

  9. Yipee! Enjoy…

  10. That looks awesome! Who needs BlogHer anyway. Not me…nope.

  11. Yes. Yes. Yes. You NEED this!! 🙂

    Happy for you! 🙂

  12. findingsolution

    keep smiling………..

  13. Enjoy!

    The reasons why I won’t be at BlogHer aren’t nearly as fun.

  14. I won’t be at BlogHer either. sigh

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