A girl has to have standards

            As we left the restaurant, Benjamin was sucking on an ice cube he had nabbed from his father’s iced tea.  He is a social little bugger, so he was holding the slippery little sliver of ice in his hand while toddling towards the door and attempting to make eye contact with every person he saw.

            And he dropped it on the floor.  Now, my first reaction was to tell the not-quite-two-year-old to leave it behind, especially given that we were on a section of carpet clearly trod by every single person entering the dining room, not to mention the waiters on every single run.  As he leaned over and attempted to retrieve it, I tried to ignore the germophobe in me and remind myself that it is important not to make the kids neurotic about these things.  As the sliver of ice repeatedly slipped out of his stumpy little fingers and ground into the carpet, I had to bludgeon that germophobe into a corner.

            Finally, he picked it up, and we continued our meander towards the door, Ben contentedly licking the remains of that ice cube.  And, three seconds later, he dropped it again.

            I decided that there needed to be a limit to these things, and that letting him pick it up and suck on it again, well that crossed the line into negligent parenting.  As he knelt to retrieve it once again, I intervened: “OK, honey, let’s just leave it there.”

            So, that’s where I fall on the mothering scale: somewhere between the first and second drop of an ice cube on the floor of a busy restaurant.

12 responses to “A girl has to have standards

  1. The germaphobe in me is wretching. You did a much better job holding back than I would have. 😉

  2. LOL. I am *so* not a germophobe. I totally would have let Monkey pick it up again….unless there was crap stuck on it from the floor then maybe not. I mean. Come on. Standards?….yes.

  3. I live and die by the 5 second rule. It sounds to me like half a minute elapsed here. Ew. But the time I let my 7 month old eat a Baby Mum Mum from the change room floor at the public swimming pool? So totally OK. Ya, it’s a slippery, germy slope indeed.

  4. I will never forget the couple I knew – the mother would carefully sterilize the pacifier each and every time it fell out of the baby’s mouth. The father however, picked it up, swiped it up and down his trousers and stuffed it back in the child’s mouth. Of course he then looked at me in utter horror and silently pleaded that I not rat him out… My children were allowed to get dirty and, now and then, “rescue” that m&m from the floor (although I did shudder quietly). Seems to have worked, they are hardy beasts to this day!

  5. me toooo…. we could soooo hang out on the spectrum of mothering!

  6. The five-second rule becomes something like a ten+-minute rule in our house.

  7. This week, as we’re making the transition to 2 kids and I’m recovering from surgery, Asher has enjoyed the benefits of my negligence. Over the weekend I found him eating some forgotten raisins out of the foot rest of his stroller. And I didn’t say a word.

  8. just like the 5 second rule…i used it with the pacifiers. I’m right there with you. I am a bit of a germophobe, but found I coudln’t find it all the time. Your standards will probably go down with child #3. LOL

  9. I always took great comfort in that study that showed that kids that got really dirty had much less propensity towards asthma than kids who were clean. It is a great comfort when they are reaching for the ice cube…

  10. You gotta pick your battles, that’s what I always say. Of course, my concept of “battles” is usually pretty loose…

  11. My standards became a bit more lax with the 2nd on, for sure.

  12. Well, you’re less neurotic than me. I’ve got a friend that would say it’s because I have girls. Be proud!