Sitting pretty

            “Just wait till they’re ready to potty train,” people say.  Well, I call bullshit.  If you sit around waiting for your kids to be ready to do things, you’ll never get anything done.  Just try waiting till your kid is ready to leave the house some day.  She never will be.

            I know people who have waited for all the “readiness” signs, not starting to introduce the potty till the kid is three.  Dude.  Those kids are FREAKED OUT by the thought of pooping on the potty.  Or, peeing there becomes a control issue.  Those are people in for some serious misery.

            So, we introduce the potty early, fully aware that the kids may take awhile to be fully trained.  At least they are used to using the thing.

            Unfortunately, we found that, after a few poops on the potty, Benjamin stopped moving his bowels there.  He would tell us immediate after the event, but never before.  Given how much he eats, he has like four opportunities a day to actually make it to the potty, but he never did.

            We sit with him for ten, fifteen minutes at the time we know he needs to go, but no dice.  And when I say “we,” I mostly mean me and his almost-four-year-old brother.  Their father works a lot, but sometimes I can get Zach to keep his little brother company so I can finish the dishes.  You know things are wrong when you are asking your preschooler to help potty train the toddler.

            I had heard about people putting the poop into the potty to show them where it goes, but that just seemed like an extra step before flushing it.  Nonetheless, I was desperate.  I dumped the poop right in, then placed him on the seat.

            Wow.  Was he ever bothered.  Somehow, walking around wearing the poop is OK, but sitting on the seat over it?  That is just gross.

            The next time, he sat a little easier.  And the time after that?  We made it to the potty in time for him to do his business right where it belonged. 

            Naturally, the occasion called for a dinosaur sticker.

20 responses to “Sitting pretty

  1. Dinosaur sticker? Dude, at our most desperate we were using handfuls of M&M’s and promises of Cinderella dresses. Potty training was absolutely nothing like the books said it would be for us.

  2. Isn’t it funny how weirded out they can get over potty things? My mom told me the potty was the gas station and I loved that and immediately wanted to go potty at the gas station. Training – done.

    And of course now I’ll go buy food somewhere to avoid using a gas station bathroom.

  3. ah. how much I look forward to the potty training. lol.

  4. Yay for Benjamin!! We started our son around the age of two. He was four before he was fully trained. His biggest issue? Well OCD can rear it’s ugly head at an early age – he was afraid of standing up to go pee, in case he missed (and made a mess)! When I found this out, I told him it would be OK, not to worry. He relaxed and became one of the neatest boys to use a restroom!

  5. Wow! Good thinking!

  6. I know that feeling–I leave my three year old in charge of my 1.5 year old for like 2 minutes so I can use that bathroom.

    And that worries me–But come on! Do they both have to be in the bathroom EVERY time I go?

  7. Yeah Ben! And Yeah Mommy for getting him over that hump!

    Don’t feel bad about recruiting Zach … I plan on using The Snake whenever possible when the twins get big enough!

  8. um yeah, a gold star would NOT have cut it

  9. I was so desperate at times, I considered offering cold hard cash.

    May it never come to that for you!

  10. LOL about the sitting over vs. wearing issue.

    I think it’s brilliant that the pre-schooler is potty training the little one. Just wait ’til you’ve got two kids training the newbie.

  11. I was one of those sat around waiting for them to be ready.

    And then they were.

  12. Naturally a dinasaur sticker. May that be the end of it (for this one). Potty training is the best birth control I know.

  13. Video done by Duke University called Potty Time or something like that. They even have songs for peeing and pooping. Kids loved it and we always talked about how Billy goes potty. (he’s 4!) We did candy also. Maybe that’s why my middle child had 3 cavities. He took forever to train. Ugh.

  14. Never occurred to me to have them sit over the poo … may have to try it with the next one.

  15. I am so glad that is behind me.

  16. M&Ms worked for me. But, I have to say that each of my kids were completely different at the potty thing. And so, by # 3, I decided that it was not my skill, but my kid’s personality that made it so easy. But, yeah, if you never show them a potty, how are they supposed to figure out what to do?

  17. Wow. If Hobbes EVER poops in the potty, he is getting ice cream. The boy has been able to keep dry forever, but I am terrified he’ll be four before he poops in the potty. Calvin was trained early, like before 2, so this is whole new territory for me. We start early, too.

  18. Ooooh! I am trying this with The Babe tomorrow!

    She is sort of freaked out about pooping on the potty. She tries to convince me that, after tooting and grunting she has done the deed. It’s phantom shit.

    But this trick might just work in her little psyche.

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