I had felt it there for weeks.  It seemed to be growing longer, but since it was under my chin, it was hard for me to see.  I figured it was one of those blond hairs that I can feel but no one else can see.  Otherwise, wouldn’t someone have mentioned it to me?

            Like, perhaps the woman who waxed my lip last week.  Or, the woman who gave me a facial over the spa weekend I took with a friend.  Or, maybe my friend, herself.  Friends don’t let friends grow unsightly facial hair.  My husband, at least should have said something, although he has the excuse of being a man and so accustomed to considering facial hair par for the course.

            And, then, searching in the mirror for another hair that had sprung up overnight on the more visible front of my chin, I had a sighting.  And that phantom hair was over an inch long, black, and curly.  Even my husband should have had an idea that this was not acceptable.

            On the bright side, it was finally long enough for me to pinpoint its location visually, making it subject to the mercy of my tweezers.

            Either I am getting old or my pregnancy hormones have a miserable sense of humor.

14 responses to “Gotcha

  1. I had one of those once.
    I was 24.
    I was not pregnant.
    wtf is THAT about? and no, nobody mentioned it to me either. but then again how do you do that exactly?
    “yo’, you’ve got a gnarly hair sprouting off your chin, dude!”.
    I dunno that I’d receive that too well…..although….I suppose it depends on who says it.

  2. I sympathize. I turn into Grizzly Adams when I’m pregnant. None of that lovely “glow” for me. I just get fat and hairy.

  3. Bwahahahaha! My hair stops growing while I’m pregnant BUUUT afterwards, it’s like 5x normal speed. I’m a sexy postpartum lady.

  4. See, this is why I love blogs — they’re the great equalizer! I can always find somebody who feels, thinks, experiences the same wacky things that I do & thus make me feel just a wee bit more normal…

    My boyfriend’s daughter pointed out a little hair on MY chin the other day. Boy, that made me feel SO good!

  5. There’s always one, I tell ya. I have one under my chin that grows back and lays flat, so it’s a sneaky bastard.

    I just order this thing called Tweeze (pronounced Tweezee), that’s like Epilady for your face. I’m pretending it’s not going to hurt when I try it. And yes, I saw it on a commercial. I’m that desperate. Why didn’t anyone tell me that 2 pregnancies would do that?

    Can’t believe no one told you. Can’t believe professionals didn’t tell you. The nerve.

  6. I wasn’t aware that that was a result of pregnancy. With my British heritage, I’ve had to learn to live with stray hairs. There’s no escape. 🙂

  7. And then after pregnancy…. I manage to lose all sorts of hair. I got to the point where I just couldn’t handle all hair on my pillow, down the drain, etc. that I chopped it off– twice, after each pregnancy, now I have something very similar to a soccer mom bob and am wondering just how I lost my ponytail.

  8. This is totally a thing to blame on someone else. Really not OK for it to get to the point that YOU were the one to find it!

  9. Ugh. I have one of those too. Luckily it grows really slowing, so only reaches the one inch length a couple times a year. But it still surprises me every time I find it.

  10. Better a black hair sprouting on your chin than a gray one, yes?
    I have these same little billy goat hairs that keep growing in. No matter how many times I pluck them they just keep coming back. It is crazy. I’ve inherited them from my mom. It’s all her fault. 😉

  11. If not usual? I say PG hormones.


    I’ve noticed as I edge to 40 all sorts of things have begun that Need Never Happen and yet? Do. It’s enough to believe in the sins of Eve thing.

    Eyebrows. Enough said.


    P.S. Previous post? Your usual wonderfulness. I have decided mommy disappoints until one day, she doesn’t…and I have no control over that day. Plus? What a good lesson in loving, anyway. And…what a monkey off my back.

  12. Now I’m off to inspect my own chin….

  13. I would’ve told you. That falls under the spinach in your teeth category… there’s just no reason not to tell. I have one of these on my shoulder. It’s like a science experiment.

  14. i’ve never had chin hairs, but … a definitely embarrassing nipple hair … my child remarked on it once … asked me why i had fur.