Second birthday

            It was just the birthday party I have always wanted to give my kids. 

            For the past few years, we have been in cramped quarters and had to hold the parties someplace other than our home.  But this year, we are in a house.  It is a small house, but there is a deck and a yard and Southern California sunshine.  And, so, instead of renting halls and hiring entertainers, I went to the store that begins with T and bought a blow-up pool.  We spread toys outside.  We picked lemons off our tree in the back and J made lemonade.  We ordered a few platters from the grocery store and I made macaroni and cheese.  Since the birthday boy does not much like cake, we ordered a car cake from Baskin Robbins (he likes ice cream).

            And, we wrote “no gifts” on the evite, because frankly, the kids have enough crap.  One or two people brought gifts anyway, but we tried to do our bit for the planet (and our closet space).

            The birthday boy spent the entire party in the blow-up pool, coming out only to eat yet more watermelon.  He poured water over his head and the head of anyone else who came along, as long as they were willing.  Whenever we went near the pool, he shied away.  “No get out!” he insisted, fearful that adults might want to spoil his amphibian ambitions.

            We are pretty sure he had no idea it was all for him, but it still had all the things he loves best: the pool, other children, and fruit.

            The kids, most of whom did not know each other, played effortlessly.  His older brother was not jealous but instead enjoyed the festivities.  And still, Benjamin was in the pool, now and then paging his little friend, A, to the water.  The adults were all pleasant and interesting.

            When everyone had gone and we caught our little fish, we toweled him off and put him down for his afternoon nap.  He fell into a deep sleep from which we finally roused him at 4:30.  As he peed on the potty, he turned his sleep-clogged face to me.  “Put on swim diaper. Go in pool.  Friends there.”


19 responses to “Second birthday

  1. Sounds like an absolutely perfect party.

  2. aww. i’m glad he had fun.

  3. It sounds like a lovely day. Happy birthday to Benjamin!

  4. Happy Birthday, Benjamin. Summer birthdays are the best.

  5. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great day!

  6. Happy Birthday, Benjamin. I am all for at-home, nonstressful, few- gift birthday parties!

  7. Very cute how much he enjoyed himself. I can totally picture it.

  8. Oh, that sounds great. No presents sounds like a great way to go.

    So, do you get a turn in the pool now?

  9. Awwwww – what a cutie! Sounds like a great party!

  10. sounds totally great – my kind of party. and WAY more realistic for a 2 year old than many of the crazy events I’ve attended.

  11. Perfect. Just perfect. Happy Birthday wishes!

  12. That’s such a sweet ending. So glad he had a great birthday full of all his favorite things. Happy birthday, Benjamin!

  13. that is the sweetest thing ever

  14. yay! it sounds like it was a great day for everyone

  15. sounds like a very, very good day.

  16. Aww, that’s delightful! Is there anything nicer in the world than a hassle-free party? Happy Birthday to Benjamin!

  17. happy birthday to him!

  18. Usually the home parties are the best (well, except for the cleaning up part).

    It seems like you’re finally finding some comfortable spots in your new life, and that makes me glad.

    Happy 2nd birthday to your B!

  19. Sweet post. What a nice party!