Because usually we deny him speaking privileges

            Sometimes, when we are all in the car, the boys actually talk to each other instead of to us.  This is a relief, and we try to encourage such behavior. 

            Most of the time, however, they talk to us.  Usually both at the same time.  This pisses off Zachary to no end, because his brother just keeps getting louder in an attempt to be heard above Zachary’s continual stream of chatter.  The other day, at his wit’s end, Zach shouted at Benjamin.

            “Stop saying that.  I need some talking time.”

            Now, it seems to us that pretty much all the time is Zachary’s talking time, but, nonetheless, I am considering changing the name of my blog.

16 responses to “Because usually we deny him speaking privileges

  1. he he he

    we brought a friend home from church yesterday, and he and MQ in the back seat were very much like this

  2. Very funny! 🙂

  3. Sounds just like our car rides, except Hobbes is the one screaming for Calvin to “Stop talking! I need to say something!”

    Once, on the way to the mall, Calvin talked nonstop the entire drive while Hobbes held his hand over his ears. When we walked into the mall, Calvin suddenly took a deep, gulping breath and said, “Whew! I need to take a breath so I can keep talking.”

    Poor Hobbes has to scream to be heard most of the time. But you are right, it is so pleasant when they talk to one another and we actually get to have a conversation.

  4. Brilliant name, dude. I think you should change it.

  5. love the talking time!!! That’s my NEW LINE.

  6. This is just funny. Very cute. We have the same issue with my girls. IT’s hard to figure out who was talking first, isn’t it?

  7. Do you feel like you’re a talk show moderator AT ALL TIMES? I know I do.

    Only thing is, there are no commercial breaks. Except at night.

    I love nighttime.

  8. HEHEHE! I can relate!

  9. Ohhhh, yes. I have one of those. Sometimes we have to impose a “no talking” rule at the dinner table, because otherwise, everyone finishes and he hasn’t taken a single bite.

  10. We have been known to play the “quiet game” on occasion, on car rides.

  11. oh gawd. my girls talk constantly, competing with one and other for my ears.

    new blog name?

  12. Mini always does this even though she’s the only child. Every time the parents talk she gets upset “it’s MY turn to talk!”. Yes, darling, we know. It’s always your turn.

  13. Yes, babe, you absolutely CAN have house rules like that…

    Seriously, that’s a pretty polite comment. I’m impressed.

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