Maybe we should rethink sex ed in Alaska

            We usually steer clear of politics here at Wheels on the Bus, because I like for you to imagine that, other than my bizarrely militant stand on same-sex marriage and my obsession with the environment, I am a vapid, empty person with little to contribute except for cute stories about my children.

            But, today, today I have something to say.  I have something to say about Sarah Palin.  And that’s because, as far as I can tell, the woman is well on her way to becoming a laughing stock.  Seriously – I am starting to think she is going to make Dan Quayle look positively Presidential.

            Now, you know I am not talking about the moose burgers, because heaven knows it is not my place to judge someone else’s culinary preferences.  No, I am wondering just how anyone accepts the offer of a Vice-Presidential nomination when she knows that her seventeen-year-old-daughter is pregnant.

            Did you think you’d be able to keep that one under wraps?

            I am trying hard to remember to have compassion for this child, Bristol Palin.  Because I do.  It must be terrifying to be seventeen and knocked-up.  Hell, I am almost 35 and pregnant with my third baby and it scares the shit out of me.

            But her mother?  The one who marches around spewing about the value of abstinence-only campaigns?  Nothing but scorn for her.  Madame Governor, I think it may be time for you to admit that perhaps you misjudged the efficacy of that particular method of sex education.

            I’m just sayin’.

23 responses to “Maybe we should rethink sex ed in Alaska

  1. This choice is so wrong on so many levels and, yes, when the dust settles it will be Palin that is the laughing stock … and all that paving Clinton did for women in politics will be riddled with pot holes.

    Palin-schmalin’. What was John McCain (and his advisors) thinking?

  2. Can you believe this? I wanted to laugh, but honestly, with an 18 year old daughter myself, I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

  3. Yeah…so….some thoughts.

    1) good for Obama that he refuses to comment. Families should be off limits in campaigns.

    BUT… (becuase it’s so hard not to comment)

    2) to refuse to teach sex ed in Alaska public schools???WTF?

    3) and then have to governor of the state’s 17 year old daughter end up pregnant?????

    4) just as her mom accepts the nomination for VP?

    One must hope/wonder if McCain knew this going in.

    I know teenagers have sex. I was, and that was nearly 20 years ago. But to not teach kids that age about protection is just IRRESPONSIBLE. I worry about this girl. To be 17 and in the spotlight in such a negative way. This just can’t end well.

  4. I was confused when I heard the McCain running mate announcement – and then floored when I heard about the pregnancy…and I live in Canada and have no stake in the US election!!!

  5. my aunt was laughing so hard at the abstinence education thing when they were talking about it on CNN

  6. yes, this poor kid, because she is now being spun into a family values message to try to keep us all away from the abstinence only story.
    that & the line that Governor Palin has more executive experience that Senator Obama – emphasis on executive, of course. It is all going right of the rails before our very eyes.

  7. Bravo.

    Mostly I feel so sorry for her daughter. Clearly her mother chose to put her in this position of going through the pregnancy in the public spot light. Her career aspirations taking precedence over her family. Hey, I’m not saying women shouldn’t pursue their goals and passions and have the right to attain them regardless of their child-bearing status. But I’m not sure I could ever put someone I love through that scrutiny for my own gain. I hope it was discussed and Bristol agreed — but what 17-year-old can understand what is to come?

  8. even up here in Canada, we’re goggled at the irony. and kinda sad about it, b/c it seems doubtful that the complete joke that is abstinence-only sex ed will NOT be acknowledged despite the sudden prominence of this poster family for why policy should be different.

    and Bristol Palin will have wealth and resources and family support at her fingertips to help her through the coming challenges of parenthood…which i certainly don’t begrudge her…but her mother’s policy position is set to ensure that lots of girls without such privileges end up in the same damn position.

  9. What’s so frustrating about it for me is how very hypocritical this particular party is! It seems to me that a good majority of them uphold these ideological values that absolutely no one actually lives by. I honestly feel the republican party has somehow hoodwinked a whole bunch of people in our country and I don’t understand how any thinking person can not see that.

  10. There are so many effective birth control measures today that I don’t understand the reason not to endorse them. Sure, people would rather think their kids are not having sex until emotionally ready to handle it, but it’s just not all that realistic to think that those hormones can always be controlled. It’s fine to teach that abstinence is the most sure-fire way to avoid pregnancy, but please teach these young people other realistic options. And I think it’s abominable that this poor young girl had to be thrown into the lion’s den–her pregnancy really should not be an issue in a presidential election. This happens to thousands of young people and does not affect their parents’ job performance.

  11. dude.

    and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
    I’ve been wanting to write a post about, not only her, but ALL of the candidates but I need to reign it in a bit first. I’m so positively jaded.

  12. As much as I want to see McCain tank, this choice is shockingly stupid. I mean, I think MY PARENTS are voting for Obama.

  13. Wish Republican politicians would remember that pregnancy should be a private, off-limits, family matter when it happens in other peoples’ families, too. Sheesh.

  14. *Stands and applauds*

    That is all. 🙂

  15. Where in the world did people get the idea Alaska doesn’t have sex education ? Students get full-on human sexuality classes starting in, I think, 6th grade ? My kids bring home the forms for parent opt-out. Is that too much compromise for you all to accept ? That parents take responsibility instead of the kids ? I have no idea if Sarah Palin opted her kids out, but I imagine so. She seems to be standing by the results. Her kid, her business.

    From the Alaska Statues, the only law on the books re: sex-ed:

    “Separate arrangements may be made for students according to sex during human sexuality programs and physical education activities involving bodily contact. (AS 14.18.050)”

    I wish the country would actually educate themselves instead of jumping on Huffington post or Daily KOS misinformation and spreading it like wildfire.

  16. I just double checked, and Wasilla High School (where my daughter and Bristol attend) uses the “Michigan Model for Comprehensive School Health Education ” which includes human sexuality from 7th grade on.

  17. My son brought home his health book (9th grade) which I promptly searched. Abstinance? Seven index references. Condom? Birth control? NONE. Not one. No mention not only in the section on pregnancy but not mention AT ALL in the chapter on STD’s. That, in my opinion, is criminal. The health teacher covered it thoroughly on her own, but had the kids gone by the book there would have been nothing. I seriously thought about returning it with a Trojan taped neatly to the back cover with a set of instructions.

  18. I did not say that sex ed is not taught in Alaska. I said that Palin spews forth about abstinence-only education, which clearly is not effective in her family.

  19. McCain seemed so different from Bush – from either Bush. So maybe it is a Republican thing to choose a running mate who scares people away from the idea of even thinking about impeaching you.

  20. While Obama’s supporters do indeed find this choice puzzling and comical, true Republicans really love her. My bff’s parents, life-long righters, think she’s absolutely perfect. It all just depends what side of the plate you bat from. Although I suppose that analogy would drive Sarah Palin nutty.

  21. I wonder if the elder Palin could pass the baby off as her own, a la Bree Van Dee Kamp.

  22. @Mark in AK

    I’m with you dude.

  23. I can’t feel anything but sorry for Bristol. I also hope she’s not being forced to marry the father to make everything look OK.