Be afraid. Be very afraid.

            At first, I was sort of amused.  We all have been running about, talking about how Sarah Palin’s family should be left alone to deal with private matters.  Yet, there she was, pushing them front and center during her acceptance speech.

            My amusement, however, quickly changed to horror.  Yes, her speech was ugly in the same way Biden’s was.  I would love to see a campaign during which no one ever attacks the other candidate, but I am realistic enough to accept that this is the nature of contemporary American politics. 

            No, my horror came when the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate made a joke about Obama “Turning back the waters and healing the planet.”  Turning back the waters?  TURNING BACK THE WATERS?  Is a Republican candidate seriously joking about turning back the waters three years after Hurricane Katrina?  Maybe there’s a reference I missed in there that makes it a little more palatable, because everyone in the audience seemed highly amused.

            Healing the planet is not a joke.  It is not to be taken lightly, and a woman who professes to be religious ought to take her responsibility to the planet a little more seriously. 

            Healing the planet ought to be the first priority of any candidate who claims to want to serve the American people.  Because, without someplace to live, all the abstinence and victory and drilling will be pointless.  Who the hell cares if we can claim “victory” in a war about oil if our children face a future filled with wars over clean water and food supplies?

            So, her answer to everything may be to stick a drill into the ground and pump more gas into SUVs, but I have news for Sarah Palin.  You cannot claim to put your country first if you are putting the planet that it is a part of dead last.

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  1. “Turning back the waters” is a reference to Genesis 8:7.

    She was taking a swipe at the way Obama supporters supposedly view him as divine. This is of course a claim that only Republicans make about Obama’s supporters, not one Obama supporters actually make themselves about Obama (but you knew that).

  2. I did not know what the reference was either. But, I have to say that I am simply amazed that someone from Alaska, does not care more about the environment. Of all of the places that should be protected…I just don’t get it. And now I am done, because I am really not political at all, but I do care about certain things and i am not sure that this person is the answer.

  3. yes, I’ve been getting chills for the past few days as I see the frenzy. Today is payday for our family & the Obama campaign will get a little more from us when I sit to pay the bills. Our planet deserves better.

  4. she’s terrifying. it is terrifying.

  5. Dude, I knew THAT. I just figured that, post-Katrina, there had to be MORE of a reference for her to make that particular reference.

  6. I think the reason it might have been so funny to the audience was because it was an attempt to allude to people’s fear that Obama may be the “anti-Christ”. There are subtle racial undertones associated with this “anti-Christ” reference as well. The whole thing was rather frightening — not only the way she talked with her snide comments, but the way everyone in the room thought her sarcasm was so funny. I found the whole speech rather out of touch.

  7. Oh, believe you me. I am afraid. Very afraid.

  8. She not only drinks the Kool-aid, she mixes it up right in her kitchen.

    She terrifies me.

  9. I have to admit, I’ve put off reading this post since you first wrote it (and I first saw it) because I’m still ACTUALLY feeling like I might start crying or throw up if I think about that speech anymore. Especially that one line – which I very strongly caught the religious connotations within.

    An yet – everyone saying it was a home run?!

    We are facing some really serious issues in our country, and I want two strong candidates to run against each other, each full of wisdom, integrity, knowledge, and ideas. If this were the case, they could truly discuss – and we could decide – which ideology is best suited for helping out our country at this time – and how we can work together to do that. I think that challenging your opponent means bringing up hard issues and legitimate concerns with the others’ stand. I’m disappointed to see instead mockery and misrepresentation of facts. How does that help our country? How does that help us work together in such a polarized environment? How does that help us make a wise choice?

    I’m not a democrat or a republican – I’ve voted both ways and am strongly supporting Obama (for valid reasons, not because I think he’s the Messiah). But I was hoping for more, for much much more, out of Sarah and McCain – because then the two sides could sharpen and strengthen each other.

    Isn’t the future of our country worth behaving with a tad bit more maturity than a jr. higher?

    I’m baffled…devastated…afraid…and sick to my stomach.

  10. Hi there! I’m sorry it took me so long to get my fanny over here and comment!

    The environment is one thing about her I do not love. The only thing I’ve written to my Congresspeople about in the last 7 years has been a plea to not drill in ANWAR.

    On the speech, you picked out the one line that made me cringe a little. But, I must just be daft though because I totally thought she was referring to Moses parting the Red Sea (the Obamessiah stuff). Katrina never entered my head. I hope she meant Moses. It’s less bad.

    And thanks for commenting on my pro-Palin posts Emily.

  11. I didn’t want to comment until I watched Gov. Palin’s speech. Oh, so much there annoys me…

    I found the whole mocking tone just so gross (as I would at the DNC too). Truly can’t stand the totally belittling of Obama’s community organizing experience. So serving one’s local community in the trenches is now publicly laughable? What’s the McCain/Palin’s stance on national service (not the military type but the at-home community work that needs to be done too)?

  12. Agreed. That line prompted me to start volunteering for my local Democratic Congressional Campaign. I do not want her anywhere near the presidency of this country.