Thirty-eight plus one

            Today, I am 38 weeks and one day pregnant.  I have never been more than 38 weeks pregnant before.  Zachary came along at 37 weeks, and his brother was delivered by planned c-section at 38 weeks.  I always feel a little guilty, like I have cheated and gotten out of several of the most hideous weeks of pregnancy, but I couldn’t do much about the first kid.  And the second?  Well, I could not walk for over a month at the end of that pregnancy due to back pain, so we had to move the delivery up.

            This week, the doctor did her little exam and informed me that the baby is crushing my bladder, not to mention other, more intimate parts of my anatomy.  No shit.  Like I couldn’t tell.  Given that I have continual and painful contractions, she offered to move things up to… today.

            Let me tell you, it was tempting. 

            But, my reasons remain.  If we are going to schedule this thing, we are going to do it for when it makes the most sense for everyone.  Of course, the baby may come earlier, but if she doesn’t, I am going to hold off on major abdominal surgery till I am safely past my 35th birthday.  And, it is better for the boys to get as settled into school as possible before their sister comes along.  Not to mention that it is better for the baby to stay in their a little longer, fat and happy, pressing down on my woman parts.

            And so, I remain ginormously pregnant, with a pancake for a bladder and a foot in my rib.  Not much clothing fits me anymore, but a very kind mother from school gave me a few of her old things that are getting me by.  Every day, the other parents and the teachers at the preschool seem a little surprised to see me.

            Just, really, are this many Braxton Hicks contractions necessary?

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  1. I’m not a very good pregnant woman. There are parts of it that I love (and I’d do it again tomorrow if I could) but generally, I don’t like being pregnant.

    My daughter was born in 1989. She was due on April 8 and came on April 28 — 3 weeks late and I had to be induced!! I swear she’d still be in there if they hadn’t finally forced her out. Back then, it was not at all acceptable to schedule sections or inducements until absolutely necessary. They should never have let me go that long though and it’s good that they don’t let you get that far now.

    I’m sure your baby is happily cooking in there and will make a graceful and timely entrance!

  2. thanks for the update. does this mean you will be having a c-section, though?

  3. reading this, all i could think was, “bless her heart.” here’s hope your little girl comes out healthy and soon enough, and that the big brothers are settled enough to let her into the family 🙂

  4. You go girl! I made it to 38 weeks twice. I was miserable both times. Don’t mess with a 38 weeker…

  5. yes, braxton hicks contractions really suck -though you won’t need them for labor they usually are meant to be gently (ha!) rotating your baby into the most favorable position for birth during the last (hurray!) weeks of pregnancy. Super annoying (I’m assuming especially for you!) and my best coping plan for them was to do pelvic tilts (in all my copious spare time) or drape my body over the birth ball or a stool – spending some time belly down seemed to spread them out for a while.
    hang in there, october is around the corner.

  6. My daughter came 13 days late. I was so tired of the whole pregnancy thing that I drank a guiness the day before induction. Ok it was St. Patrick’s Day and somebody told me guiness was allright. You know barley is good for babies….don’t you? (she is my most calm child…I should of done the same thing with the boys!)

    I’m all over vaccinations. My neighbor has shingles (in his eyes) right now. Never vaccinated. YECK!

  7. cook that baby as long as you can…she’ll be here soon enough!

    (and MQ was 14 days late, so I know all about WAITING…)

  8. Good for your for hanging on for the health of the baby and your family. You’re a strong woman!

    Both of my kids were super late and I had to be induced with both. If anyone had offered to take them out earlier, I would have lept at the chance.

  9. It’s been 15 years since I was that pregnant and I STILL remember how uncomfortable and painful it was. Hope the birthday is a good one (and the birth day too).

  10. Em, you’re a brave woman. I’ve not made it past 38 weeks myself. I’m weak and uncomfortable.

  11. No, they really are not necessary. The buggars.

  12. I feel your pain, I really do. My last baby lodged his foot firmly in my rib and it stayed there for weeks. It is not a pleasant feeling.

    Best of luck as you continue baking that bun!

  13. Ouch. Brings back many painful moments.

  14. Glad you are hanging in there okay!

    I’m finally in LA and trying to get settled. Hope after your beautiful bundle arrives we can catch up!

  15. We’re thinking of you all and sending love and good thoughts your way! Hang in there!!

  16. you are so, so close. so close. you did it, sister.

  17. I came over from Mrs. Chicken’s site, b/c your comment was right above mine (about Palin) and it cracked me up so I had to come see your site. Count me as a new fan!

  18. I keep expecting to turn up here and find that she’s been born! Well, whichever way it happens, it can’t be long now. I’m thinking of you and sending love and luck.

  19. I have never made it to 40 weeks pregnant either. But I am just fine with missing those last two weeks LOL. My girls came on their own (mostly)—in their own time anyway.

    So what will you do?

    And thinking of you right now!

  20. Hang in there — sending you lots of positive labour vibes. Good luck.

  21. I was early with my first two and my third was a week late. It was crazy. I really felt like I was loosing it after a while.

    Hope these last couple weeks (days?) go beautifully for you and that you hardly notice your crushed woman parts. 🙂

  22. Ah… the last few blessed weeks of pregnancy when your body can’t sleep (preparing you for long nights with new baby), your husband can’t touch you (preparing you for long nights of never again), you can’t eat (preparing you for no time to cook, eat, or think about food after the baby arrives) and you can’t move (because after all, you’ll have three to cuddle soon.

    D was born via c-section at 42 weeks and 42 hours of labor! I only wish I could have delivered at 38 weeks!

    Thinking about you everyday – hang in there…
    only four days to go~

  23. OH, it’s so exciting. Your bladder will be to happy to have you back to her(?)self in no time, eh?

  24. Congratulations! What an exciting time (can I say that and still retain my masculine aura?). Good luck with the adventure of delivery and the lasts the rest of your life adventure of raising this child. How lucky for him or her that they are getting such a savvy mom.

  25. I am so with you on the Braxton Hicks. They are killing me.

  26. ps. if your daughter is born before my son, I may cry.