Does that come in pink?

            When Zachary was a baby, his favorite color was orange.  Offered a choice of toys, he would inevitably choose the orange one.  He had four stacking cups, but he tossed aside the blue, the red, and the yellow.  Orange was where it was at.

            Soon, however, he discovered pink.  The obsession was fast and it was complete.  If he did not want to wear mittens, all I had to do was buy pink ones, and suddenly he was all into keeping his fingers warm.  In the summer, he wanted pink shorts, no easy item to find in boy-appropriate cuts.

            He stayed in love with pink for two full years, half of his short life.  Part of the interest may be that I like pink and wear it quite a bit.  Or, it may be that pink is a very pretty color.  Or, it may be that he is destined to become a marketer for Disney.  Who the hell knows.

            Recently, however, the pink thing has subsided a little.  He still likes it a lot, but when he needed new crocs, he wanted brown, of all colors.  He loves to wear his pink polo shirts, but he also really likes a Cowboys jersey his grandparents bought him.  Suddenly, he prefers gray shorts.

            Never fear, however; those pink shorts are going to good use.  You see, just as Zachary has left his pink phase behind, Benjamin has begun his.  He wants pink socks, pink balls, and of course, pink Hannah Anderson shorts.  Pinkalicious is one of his favorite books, and should he ever decide to actually poop on the potty, we have a copy of Purplicious waiting in the wings.  It goes without saying he wears pink pajamas.

            If Benjamin’s pink phases lasts as long as Zachary’s, he may just be coming out of it when this baby turns two.  Right on time for her to inherit all the pink crap that is overflowing my house.

            This girl had better be into black. 

11 responses to “Does that come in pink?

  1. My 9 year old LOVED purple. It drove my husband nuts. I just went with it while it lasted. Kids are fun.

  2. Emily – this is really cute. Shark’s favorite was orange as well for several years. When we decorated his big boy room when he was 3, he wanted me to paint the walls “Home Depot orange.” (I went with blue, and orange trim!)

  3. But if she’s into black, what will you do with all the hand-me-downs? Besides, no one wears black in LA.

  4. She will doubtless choose something all her very own just to throw everyone else into a tizzy! At least your sons HAVE a favorite color – mine couldn’t have cared less so long as it was a) bright and b) completely clashing.

  5. That is so very awesome. Pink is my favorite color and I’d be thrilled to have my kids like it.

  6. I think that baby needs a present from auntie flutter

  7. pink and brown are cute together.

    My 11 and 9 y.o. daughters have had favorite colors all their lives, aqua and pink respectively. It’s fun to throw parties with their favorite colors, and decorate their rooms, and buy back packs and on and on and on and on… Now that they’re a little older, they’re beginning to get the concept of color schemes and are into complimentary hues. Time will tell about The Babe. At 2, she doesn’t care what color it is as long as it has fur and four legs. She could care less about everything else.

    Congrats on the new baby. Will we get to see pictures?

  8. Ha. My 9 y.o. is actually 10. Can you say, denial?

  9. My boys LOVE pink.

    Love. it.

  10. Pink was my son’s favourite colour for quite a while. Then by the time he was 6 or 7 it darkened into red. Now at 13 he only likes blue, grey or black. Enjoy pink while it lasts!

  11. My son LOVED pink for a long time. He is growing out of it a little now. He spent this entire summer wearing one pink croc and one red croc.