We have kids because they make us laugh

Thank you to everyone for your warm wishes last week.  We are home from the hospital and doing well.  While I have every intention of posting regularly, I suspect I will not be around to your blogs as often as I would like.  Also, I cannot speak for the quality of the writing around here in the next few weeks or months because I am sore, engorged, tired, and only have time to write between feeding, pumping, and taking care of the other two.  But, I hope you bear with me and keep coming around to see how we fare as we begin to figure out what life as a family of five will look like.


            Sometimes we think that two-year-old Benjamin’s verbal skills far outstrip his cognitive skills.  He seems able to talk about things he doesn’t understand, and we often get the feeling he has no idea what he is on about.  Sometimes, however, he treats us to a wicked sense of humor as if to remind us he is smarter than we think he is.

            Sitting at the dinner table, swinging his legs, he stubs his toe.  “Uh-oh.  I got a boo-boo.”

            “Where’s the boo-boo, Ben?”

            “It’s down there.  It’s hiding!”

            “Your boo-boo is hiding?”

            “Yeah.  Where’s the boo-boo?”  Then, he pushes from the table, sliding dramatically backwards and swinging his foot into the air.  “There it is!” he giggles proudly.  He has invented the first-ever game of boo-boo peek-a-boo.

6 responses to “We have kids because they make us laugh

  1. All I can manage to think about is, oh look at my baby. And all I want to do is say, Hi look at my son. If that’s all we both say for months, I think people will forgive us. Might lose a few peeps, but I doubt many. Or this is what I tell myself. Congrats to you.

    Can we see a pic? Purty please, with tiny baby heads on top? whenever you have a chance? 🙂

  2. Hi Emily! De-lurking to say congratulations on your great news and to wish you all the best!

  3. sister, am thinking of you – hope the transition is going well and you are being taken care of as you are taking care of others. xo

  4. What a cutie pie! That is adorable.

    Wishing you a wonderful nights sleep (fingers crossed!!), non-engorged boobs, and maybe even a hot shower. Hang in there!

  5. So glad to hear your voice again and to know that you have survived! I remember the early days of a baby’s life very vividly. Get people to take care of you, be demanding, don’t think twice about it. And never mind about us, we’ll all be here whenever you are.

  6. P always says things are hiding. The usual statement is, “My toes are hiding!” when she’s wearing socks. Crazy toddlers.