Thank you all for your kind comments on my last post.  We are home… again.  And now, may I introduce…

            About a month ago, Zachary said to me, “I have a good idea.  Let’s call the baby Lilah.  Isn’t that a pretty name?”  Given that he had initially wanted to name her “Applesauce Muffin,” I had to agree it was a lovely choice.

            I assumed there must be a child at school named Lilah, perhaps in one of the older classes.  J and I had already chosen a name, but I was happy that Zach was showing such interest and ownership in his little sister.

            I think I may have overrated ownership.  He kept returning to the name “Lilah.”  When we tried to gently explain that the baby would be named XXX, he would say, “No.  I want to call the baby Lilah.”  It got to the point that, one night after the boys were in bed, I broached the subject with my husband.

            “I actually like ‘Lilah,’” I told him.  “Maybe we should consider it.”  We talked it over, yet ultimately returned to our original choice.  The next day I went into labor.

            A friend went with me to drop the boys off at school before we went to the hospital.  The contractions were persistent, but I wasn’t even sure I was in labor.  The doctors confirmed that I was, and we moved forward with the necessary Cesarean.  Needless to say, my friend did the school pick-ups that day.

            When she arrived to get Zachary, the teachers said that he had been a bit worried about me in the morning.  My friend assured him that I was fine and the baby was going to be born.  “She’s going to be named Lilah,” he announced to his teachers.  My friend, excellent sleuth that she is, at least got to the root of the name choice.  Zach was intent upon naming our baby after his woodworking teacher.

            That afternoon, he came to the hospital to visit his baby sister.  He also got on the phone with another friend of ours.  This is what his side of the conversation sounded like: “I’m going to call her Lilah…  That’s not what her name is, but I’m not telling you her name… I want to name the baby Lilah.”  He was in a pretty pissy mood for about 24 hours, in fact, every now and then grumbling that we didn’t name the baby what he wanted to and that Lilah would be her nickname.

            I probably should not have worried he wouldn’t take an interest in his sister.

            The next morning, when his teachers asked about his new baby sister, his very first response was, “They named her XXX, but I am going to call her Lilah.”  J figured this was improvement; at least the boy was deigning to speak the name we had selected.

            Over the next day or two, he resigned himself to XXX.  His proprietary sense, however, simply grew more sophisticated, as he insisted he be allowed to walk while holding her (not gonna happen) or go in and stroke her while she slept (more likely).  He has let go of the dream, the beautiful dream, of a baby sister named after his illustrious woodworking teacher.

            I think his fierce insistence upon the rights of a big brother is admirable, and I want to honor his sense of responsibility to the little one.  And so, I offer him this weak consolation prize: since I always refer to my children by pseudonyms here on my blog, I hereby bestow upon my baby girl the blog name of Lilah.  I know it is not quite the same as putting it on the birth certificate, but it’s all I’ve got in my bag of tricks.

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  1. Welcome baby Lilah. And well done Mom! You are awesome!

  2. Great story. You always could have done what my in-laws did in naming my husband’s younger brother. My husband, who was four at the time of his brother’s birth, was unfortuantely a very enthusiastic Dukes of Hazard fan. So of course, he wanted to name the baby “Luke Duke.” He was quite insistent. My in-laws thought Luke Duke might be a bit much (understandably). But nevertheless they acquiesced…to naming him “Jonathan Luke.” To this day my husband holds the dubious honor of having helped to name his brother after a redneck from a tv show. Maybe that’s why my brother-in-law is such a huge NASCAR fan?

  3. I was 3 when my little sister was born, and I was adament that she be a boy, because my best friend had just had a little brother, and I wanted it to be the same. Oh well.

    Lilah sounds precious and I can’t wait to read more about her!

  4. I love that he is so adamant about the name! It will be a great story to tell when she is much older and all her friends want to know why her brother calls her Lilah.

  5. That’s ADORABLE. And I’m not an “adorable” saying person, usually. What a sweet guy.

    And welcome to the world, Lilah. It’s a better place with you in it.

  6. That is a beautiful name. I’m glad you are using it on your blog. 🙂

    I love how he is still calling her Lilah. 😉

  7. What a good big brother. That story is so dang cute. And Lilah, although I know it isn’t her real name, is a beautiful name. So welcome to the world Lilah.

    And yes, Alex was born on your birthday. So um…happy (belated) birthday to you.

  8. Lilah is a name I love. Very pretty and a not bad consolation prize!

  9. Lilah. I love that. and his tenacity. that too.

  10. Your Zachary sounds adorable. I like that you are using Lilah on the blog for him. One day he’ll appreciate it.

  11. Congrats on the baby! I do love that name and admit to being totally curious what name you did give her.



  12. Welcome, Lilah!

    What a wonderful story behind the pseudonym. You share so many wonderful stories, and write them so beautifully.

    I don’t know how you find the time and energy, Emily.

  13. You got off much more easily than I. Calvin and Hobbes insist that their brother will be named Wall-E. I don’t even think I’ll use that one on the blog!

    And we always joke that it was a good thing my brother-in-law was a boy. If he had been a girl, my sis-in-law wanted to name him Colors Pretty.

    Really, Lilah is lovely, even if it isn’t her real name. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to hearing about your transition to three as I prepare for it.

  14. My niece is Lila. For reals. It’s a nice name.

    Her brother, when he learned that I was pregnant, wanted me to name the baby Chrysanthemum (if a girl) or Coffee (if a boy). I think he’d forgotten about that by the time she was born and named something else.

    Congratulations again!

  15. Oh, Lilah is a pretty name. 🙂

    When my little sister was born,I was three and I wanted to name her “Lottie.” Partly because I was reading “LisaLotte” at the time (the book “The Parent Trap” was based on (and yes, I was reading at 3)), but with a different spelling because I thought she would eat a lot.

    Turned out I was right, though her name is not Lottie (good thing, too – I can’t imagine how she would have been teased in school). But she DOES in fact eat like a horse. Even still. (And she wears a teeny-tiny dress size anyway. That jerk. LOL)

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  17. Listen, my friend named her baby sister (the fourth child in the family) after her paper doll (Wendy). Her mother actually let her do that!!! I think Lilah will appreciate not being named after a woodworking teacher once she is grown and I suspect your son will get over it… eventually!

  18. That’s so darling. I think my son would name her Sid the Science Kid or Transformers Rock.

  19. When I was born everyone had a hand in choosing my name so that it went first name (mother’s choice) second name (dad’s choice) third name (brother’s choice). But that was back in the days before blogs. I think this is a lovely compromise.