More blood tests

Just a quick update (today’s real post is below) — Lilah’s bilirubin count is back up as of this morning, although not as high as it was on Monday.  She will need more blood tests tomorrow, if they can find any spots left to get blood from.  Please send along those positive thoughts and good vibrations, folks, because I feel so sorry for this poor kid who thinks life is a series of blood tests interrupted by breast milk.

11 responses to “More blood tests

  1. Oh I’m so sorry to hear this – bless her heart.

    Prayers – good karma – healthy vibes – all that stuff headed your way!

  2. oh poor little love – best of luck tomorrow.

  3. Positive thoughts and good vibrations, Emily and sweet Lilah….

  4. of course.

    I was bathing Fiona the other day and noticed (again) that she has a single freckle on the end of her heel, right where she got stuck so many times.

    hope this gets behind you quickly.

  5. Sending all good vibes to you all. Give your daughter all my love, please.

  6. Sending lots of whatever it is that makes blood levels healthy.

    And I love that we get to call her Lilah. Excellent choice by Zachary.

  7. Sweet baby…sending good thoughts.

  8. Lots of good thoughts to you and your dearie. You have lots of excellent options for medical help, so I know that you will get this resolved. Hang in there sweetie. And trust me, she won’t remember the heal sticks (the twins had a zillion too).

  9. Poor little honey. And poor you, too – no fun at all. I remain with everything crossed.

  10. Saying my prayers for your sweetie right now.

  11. Sending positive thoughts your way. Poor little munchkin. That poor tiny foot…