Some kind of wonderful

            When I was in junior high school, I was not the paragon of cool I have since become.  Whereas now people come to me for tips on how to be on the edge of cutting edge, whereas now I define hip and trendy, back then I might have been on the geeky side.

            Like, say, the geekiest girl in school.  I was fortunate, however, to find myself a boyfriend.  That’s because there were a few male geeks, as well.  And, the geekiest boy and the geekiest girl, well, it made sense.

            On paper, at least.  We decided to “go out” with each other for a couple of weeks in October, until I broke up with him right before the Halloween dance because I was afraid we’d have to kiss each other.

            Thinking I was free and clear, I went off to the dance in my Cyndi Lauper costume.  And he showed up dressed as an ameba, which, with the gift of hindsight, I recognize as a rather inspired costume. 

            Unfortunately, I spent the rest of the year fending off the nickname “Paramecium.”  Thanks, dude.  You brought me down with you.

            Recently, we have reconnected through Facebook.  And he is married with a child.  He runs a very successful hobby shop.  He writes a newspaper column and has a collection those columns out in book form. 

            I have long since forgiven him for saddling me with the reputation of a single-celled organism in junior high.  I am just happy to know that, as the old people always predicted, it’s the geeks who have ended up with the good life.

8 responses to “Some kind of wonderful

  1. I love the idea of an amoeba costume. That is inspired. A paramecium would be pretty sweet, too.

    Clearly, I am not a geek…

  2. Smart kid, he was and obviously is. Geeks are great. Especially to date.

  3. Glad the reconnect went well too – my child recently discovered she works with a guy my sister dated in high school. Unfortunately, before they figured this out he had already said, “of course, I really wanted to date her sister but I was too chicken.” I’ve sort of avoided visiting that particular store ever since!

  4. Not kissing! The horror! Of course, you had no choice. You *had* to dump him!

    Glad this story has a happy ending.

  5. Parmecium girl? That is really funny. I did not quite fit in at high school either, but I did not have the sense of cool or creativity that your boyfriend did. Any posts about high school for me would have probably been to the effect of, “I was confused but no one else seemed to be.” Of course, now that I think of it, things aren’t so different.

  6. Ah, the geeks will inherit the earth…. I was that geeky person too in my school, and tried to date a cool person instead which was not the best idea. Loved this story – the amoeba costume was a stroke of genius in its way. And I’d give a lot to see a picture of you as Cyndi Lauper!

  7. geeks and nerds are the best