Back in the saddle

            The email read: “You must keep chattering away….you have quite a nice following now, and writing is your ‘business.’ I imagine you set expectations around that as any working person would, yes?” 

            She had read my posts of last week.  She saw me letting it go, and she emailed me a swift kick in the rear.  The fact is that writing is not just my business.  It is my way of making sense.  It is my mental exercise.  And it is probably essential to my emotional well-being. 

            Sadly, I have not been around other people’s blogs much the last few weeks, and it may be a little longer.  I am sorry, and I will be back as soon as I can.  In the meantime, I am here.  I am writing.  I am doing it one-handed sometimes, and my husband is shouldering a little more on the weekends, but I am doing it.

            After all, the time to cut back on my blogging is probably not when I most need support.  So, stop by this week.  I have something to say.

21 responses to “Back in the saddle

  1. Do some memes. Sometimes that can be a bit easier than trying to come up with acreative idea. Take it like an assignment and run with it,

  2. How old is your daughter? A few weeks? If you want to write, write, but your body is recovering, your daughter has frequent needs right now, and your two little boys are adjusting. We’ll be here when you are sharing and our blogs will be there when you have a chance to get them.

  3. You have three bloody kids, one of whom is a newborn! I can’t find the time to write with one of the things, let alone what is on your plate.

    I understand the need to keep writing too. That was the only way I worked through the first year of my daughter’s life.

  4. Your “following” will still be here. do what you need to. Write, or don’t. Sleep, or don’t. Wax or don’t. We won’t go away.

  5. You write better one-handed than most people do with two.

    Of course, I prefer my saddles with cowboys in them…(wait, that’s completely off-topic).

  6. I’m so glad you’re continuing to write.

    (This comment is from another one-handed typist!)

  7. Not visiting your bloggy friends? What possible excuse could you have? It’s not like you just had a baby or anything! 😉
    Give yourself a break! I don’t any of us expect you to visit us every day (or week) but we are still here. Happy to be reading your posts. 🙂

  8. Being a mother-to-newborn is not only physically and emotionally exhausting but creatively exhausting as well. Not that you should (or probably could!) stop writing, just that some of that energy is being expended elsewhere.

  9. Anyone who has ever been where you are is going to extend you a little grace while you get your bearings. Take your time. We’ll keep coming around.

  10. Please don’t apologize for not stopping by our blogs lately. I think you have enough to do. Keep writing and we’ll keep reading; that’s the deal.

  11. Count me in as someone who always thinks affectionately of you, no matter how much or how little you visit or write here.

    You just hang in. We’re all here.

  12. take your time – please don’t worry about it. I’ll always stop by – but don’t rush!

  13. Dude! Your babe is brand new! Make sure you take care of you, too.

    And {{hugs}}.

    (Not that I’m really a hugger; it’s the gooey sentiment I’m going for, not verisimilitude.)

  14. I applaud your effort and your friend’s well-intentioned note, but I disagree. If you were in a real “business” you’d similarly be taking time off with your new child. Give yourself a break. Writing is great but not if it comes at the expense of children, food, sleep.

  15. Same here I echo the above, take your time, recover and enjoy your baby, take your deserved maternity leave, she’ll only be this little once.

  16. I will read you this week or next week or next year–whenever you get something out but I echo (echo, echo, echo) all the comments above.

    So what you need to, when you need to. I respect that.

  17. always here, always

  18. Three children, one of whom is a newborn, is enough to stop most anybody in their tracks regardless of what they do. Don’t worry. If it feels right, we’ll be here, if not, we understand. I haven’t read all the comments, but I’ll bet everyone says the same thing!

  19. Well, one good thing about you blogging less for the last couple weeks is that those of us who were also busy and distracted were able to catch up! And, now we’re ready to hear more. 🙂

  20. You just had a baby. People need to give you a break. Well intentioned or not, that’s kinda rude to tell someone that. Babies need time and they don’t really care what else you may want to do. Plus, you are getting to know Lilah and that’s whats important. I’ve got 300 posts to read in my feeder. 25 emails to return and a mountain of laundry to do. (like a huge mountain. Like, I may need to go buy us all more underwear and socks kind of a mountain.) And it may be that way for awhile. I adore blogging, but my babies come first.

    Take all the time you need. I’ll still read, even if you take weeks in between each post.

  21. Still thinking you may have misunderstood me.

    : )