Party pooper

            I am writing this shortly after the polls have closed here in California.  Across the country, my friends are rejoicing.  Facebook is a veritable confetti-fest of Obamalove.  With all the celebrating going on, I will not be surprised if there is a baby boom about nine months from now.

            And, yet, I want to cry.  Yes, I am relieved that the Reign of Terror is over.  I am pleased Sarah Palin will not be a (weak) heartbeat from the Oval Office.  I am hopeful that my next President will help save the planet for the little girl I am holding to my breast.

            But, as I type with my one free hand, I know she is not safe from bigotry and restriction.  I hope that, should she ever be in the awful position of needing an abortion, she will feel safe telling me.  And if she doesn’t, since it seems Prop 4 will pass here, she is going to have to tell me, anyway.  Of course, by that time, who knows how many more restrictions there will be on her right to choose?

            If she turns out to be a lesbian, she’s pretty screwed, too, since it looks like Prop 8 will pass, amending the state constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman.  (I guess she’s also in trouble if she turns out to have a tendency towards polygamy.)  On the bright side, if she is a lesbian, she does greatly lessen her chances of an unwanted pregnancy.

            Americans voted for Obama because they are afraid, as well they should be.  I just wish their votes were a signal that they have put their bigotry behind them.

Addendum: I may have jumped the gun here.  Prop 4 may fail.  Fingers crossed.

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  1. I mentioned in my post that I have lived long enough to see a lot of historic events. Your hopes are certainly closer than they were a few weeks ago… but, yes, it will take a lot longer to completely get there.

    Being closer will have to be good enough. Cultures change slowly.

    At least it’s headed in the right direction.


  2. I have hope. This is nothing but a step in the right direction. True, I wish it were a bigger step but at least we’re moving forward. Except where we’re moving backwards. Sigh.

  3. Shhh!
    At least for one night, something good has happened.

    I’ve read enough history that I have become a radical incrementalist – we do get radical change but it comes incrementally. And, genuine progress is never linear. We’re moving forward. Feel free to revel in that for now.

  4. E, I do believe I’m right this time. 🙂 I don’t often bring up age… but I’ve been on this planet for nearly 60 years… with the exception of several months in Thailand, all of it in this country. Change happens very, very slowly. If you’d seen what this place was like 40 years ago, you’d know what I mean. It was like a different planet.

    I’m still a dissident and still have my issues with this country. Big issues. But even I admit this is a giant step forward.

    This is a time for patience and determination, never complacency.


  5. My state passed the same proposition today.

    Maybe the others are right. Change happens slowly. (But you’re right…on this issue it feels like two steps back, at least.)

  6. I may have jumped the gun, folks. Prop 4 is too close to call.

  7. equality for all.

  8. Hang on in there, Emily. Even a mere decade ago the world looked very different. Who knows what will happen next? Your good mothering will ensure that Lilah is happy and strong no matter what her sexuality, her choices in life or the incidents that befall her. No one can have complete faith in the world, but I have complete faith in you.

  9. Damn. That is bad news.

    Though on a happier note, Obama mentioned “gay and straight” in his acceptance speech–it’s not much, perhaps, but it is a step forward…

  10. It is a time for hope…but you sure do hit a cord. I guess we just need to be open and honest and live a life that demonstrates our values and beliefs and that will be passed to our children…and hopefully those in public office will see our stand, and instead of us just supporting them, they will inturn support us…and our children and our world.

  11. Fingers crossed indeed. Prop 8 has been my Issue this year – and I don’t even live in California any more. I’m afraid to check again as last I looked it was still too close to call. Please people, PLEASE!

  12. While I’m your polar opposite in views, I agree with your hope that our kids will some day live in a world with a great deal less bigotry, where we can hold opposite positions and still, somehow, play on the same playground. Cheers.

  13. I was horrified when I saw Prop 8 was likely to pass this morning. I just can’t get my head around it… I feel so let down from my state of origin.

  14. Hi – I thought of you last night over the prop 8 thing.

    Amending a constitution is a serious thing and I’m generally against it, for whatever reason.

    Sorry Em.

  15. I’ve been in a bit of a haze this morning. All the excitement and elation over Obama’s victory last night was dashed as soon as we switched on the local news and saw the outlook for Prop 8. Today my dad and his husband have taken the day off and I have never seen my father so distraught. I try to keep telling myself that change comes slowly and look how far we’ve come. But this proposition passing (along with a slew of other ones, not only here in CA but in some other states as well) show me that maybe not that much has changed as far as the American people moving forward. This feels like a huge step backwards. (sigh) I wish I could get back the hope I had yesterday…..

  16. How in the hell did Prop 8 pass in CA?

    Oh, wait. Close-minded, self-righteous, panicky lemmings voted it in. My bad.

  17. I’m very disappointed about proposition 8, too. I expected a different outcome from California. (I guess it’s not official yet, though? Can I hold out a wee bit of hope?)

    Other than that, I’m feeling some powerful today.

  18. My ebullient mood has absolutely been tempered given the banning gay marriage in CA, AZ and FL. It makes me incredibly sad.

    I am happy to report GOOD news from CT on that front. CT residents voted down a move to call a constitutional convention that absolutely was going to be used to try and overturn our recent decision to legalize same sex marriage. So it’s on here in CT– marriage licenses for same sex couples will start to be issued next week! Marriage equity for all.

    C’mon, folks. Let’s use our money, time, and energy fighting to improve people’s qualities of life– not denying two folks in love from having the same rights as others.

  19. thankfully prop 4 pulled through. wish we could say that same for prop 8. your thoughts on your daughter – i share them too.

  20. I am right there with you. I am thrilled about Obama, but I wonder what kind of messages some of the other things are sending to my kids. Change takes time….this is my new mantra. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  21. Unbelievable! The chickens have more rights than families or the gay community.