Please sign the guest book

            I love blogging.  I love reading your blogs and knowing you read mine.  But, it has come to my attention lately that there are way too many blogs in my reader.  Like WAY too many.  I want to keep reading all of them or they wouldn’t be there in the first place.  But, I cannot, not with three kids and a cat (OK, there is no cat, but my husband reads this blog and I thought I would try to slip that in there).  And, the only fair way I can think of to cut them down is to read those who are here reading me.  So that we’re in, you know, a conversation.  Even if we don’t always comment.

            There are certain posts I write that I know will bring a comment from Chani.  She rarely comments, but I know she always reads, and that makes me very happy.  So, I am not asking you all to comment regularly, or even at all.

            All I am asking is that if you want me to add your blog to my Reader or to keep it in, please leave me a comment on this post or send me an email.  Pretty please?

81 responses to “Please sign the guest book

  1. Well, I’m just not a blogger, never will be. I’m too lazy, not creative enough and a bit too bombastic in my rhetoric.

    But I love reading your blog 🙂

  2. I always read your blog, and I’ve loved it ever since I found it. I wish I could leave a comment every time I’m here…but I can’t even keep up with my one kid and three cats. 😉 Anyway, I’m here reading. And if you want to read my blog that’s cool, but you certainly don’t have to. 🙂

    (I loved the “is that what that thing is?!” comment you left on the “tail” post on my blog. funny stuff.)


  3. I don’t know if you read me, but even if you don’t I’ll still read you. Thanks for your always entertaining writing!

  4. Even though I want to I can’t possibly make it to all of my bloggy friends every day. My brains would explode and so would my boys. I try to get around to everyone a couple of times a week. But I love reading your blog. 🙂

  5. I ´m reading your blog – so it would be very kind of you to learn Estonian and start reading mine 😀

  6. What kind of cat do you like? I have always wanted a big orange marmalade Tom. My husband won’t hear of it, but I’m biding my time.

    I always appreciate when you stop by.

  7. I’m around, commenting when I catch up on a weekly basis. I blanch when I realise that I have any more than 4 posts to read, but even if I don’t comment, I’m reading.

    I’m a very naughty commenter. Everywhere.

  8. I haven’t been commenting much lately, but I am still here, reading away.

  9. I love your writing. I’m here.

  10. I’m around, too. You still haven’t managed to shake me off.

  11. I’m still reading, Emily. Feel free to stop by my site but I certainly understand how busy you are if you can’t.

  12. Hi Emily! Long-time lurker here, too. I love your blog and have for some time. It’s funny, but I’m in the middle of cleaning out my Google Reader, too. I’m finding some of the bloggers I’ve been following for a while have taken a disturbing turn in their style and I’m afraid it just no longer jives with me.

    Ah well, I’m looking forward to finding more gems! Have a great day!

  13. I always read, but I rarely have time to comment these days. I’m guessing that I’ll comment even less when baby boy 3 arrives, but I hear that blog reading is a great way to pass the time nursing!

    I love to hear from you when you comment on my blog, but I certainly only want you to read if it is worth your time. I am all for cutting things out of one’s life in order to focus on the little people and face-to-face relationships one already has.

  14. I read you regularly but I don’t think I’ve ever commented – so Hi! I’m Jenn, nice to meet ya! I’m here for the writing and great stories. No need to add me to your reader, but I wanted to say Hi!

  15. I’m here, dude. Always and forever your girl.

    Or something.

  16. I imagine that I’ll stop blogging after (knock on wood) the baby is born. So, one fewer blog for you to worry about reading.

  17. I always read and mostly comment. Some weeks, more than others. But, you probably know that 🙂

  18. I’m out here! I’m reading! (I think I’ve commented before… but maybe not.)

  19. I’m your number one fan. Not in the scary Misery-ish way, but in the genuinely admiring and supportive way, of course.

    Count me in.

  20. I always read here. As you said, sometimes I don’t comment because I can’t contribute… but then there are times I can’t comment fast enough. 😉

    I always like your comments to my site when you are inspired to do so. Sometimes I think of you specifically, too.

    Reading here… I will continue. And I’ll also buy your book when it’s published.


  21. I’m around, and I *love* your posts. I’m just a little shy on here and on the quiet side of things…

  22. You may end up with MORE blogs to read!

  23. Count me in, please. I’ve been a lame commenter lately, but I always stop by.


  24. I’m here! I love the idea of a conversation between blogs. 🙂

  25. I would like to be in your reader if you’ll have me. I know how it is with an out of control reader though. I recently purged a TON of stuff and it’s amazing how freeing it is.

  26. I read your blog just about every day. 🙂

  27. There are never enough hours in a day!!!!

    Do what you can – I will always be reading and keeping up with the fun!

  28. Hi,

    I read you every day, as you probably know. My blog sometimes has interesting posts, sometimes just has baby updates. So feel free to skim through the updates, since you have enough babies of your own that you really don’t need to read about mine. But I always love to hear your thoughts when I write about other things.

  29. hello, I have you on my blog roll and enjoy reading all your posts, even the few that I have disagreed with!! Isn’t that what it’s all about? If you ever feel like stopping by my blog, I’d love to have you, but no worries if you don’t.

  30. Just dropping in. I have WAY too many blogs on my list as well, but how do I cut down when they’re all so diverse and well written? Darn this need to earn my living…

    … oh, and in ref to your email, I’m heart-sick over Prop 8. I hope the courts can step in and make some sense about equality and basic rights.

  31. I’m here! And I agree – I prefer to read when there’s a “relationship” or “dialogue” going where each is learning about the other. Great idea!

  32. Hey Em!
    I don’t have a blog, (I am just trying to make it through each day), but know that I am reading even though I rarely comment.
    Your blog is part of my daily”mommy time” ritual.
    Hope that today is a better day.
    Hugs to all of you!

  33. Oh, keep me. And I’ll keep you. We can be kept women! Um, okay, maybe not…

  34. Does this mean your husband is a cat? 🙂

    I’m still reading – don’t have a lot of time for commenting – or blogging myself – these days. 🙂

  35. i find this to be a general rule for my blogging as well – even when I find a blog interesting reading… what attracted to me about blogging was the community, so I try to read those bloggers who are both interesting AND part of the interactive community of blogging

    (you definately fit that bill! please put me in your reader!)

  36. You’re on my reader and I check in whenever you update, but I know the problem of too many blogs, too little time, so no obligation on your part. I haven’t had the energy or inspiration to write much of consequence lately anyway, but I keep blogging because I enjoy it, and so my friends and family can check in. Anyone else reading is just icing on the cake!

  37. I read your blog almost daily and find your stories and words very entertaining. I have never commented so you don’t know my blog. Don’t feel obligated to check it out though or add it to your already-overflowing reader, I know you’re busy. Just know that I will be checking and enjoying what you have to say. I’m also storing up your parenting hints and stories so that when I have my own children some day I’ll be able to fall back on what I’ve gleaned through other blogs when I’m ready to pull my hair out.

  38. Me, me, pick me. 🙂

    On the cat thing….dude, don’t do it. Really. In fact if you want an animal, let me send you my dog. She’s completely house broken and she’s five years old and she adores kids.

  39. i’ve been having trouble keeping up, too.

  40. oh come on, you know you wanna keep your girl, flutter 🙂

  41. It is me – signing in.

  42. Greetings.
    Here is your comment from me! I am glad to say that I read your blog regularly. I write a couple of blogs which I would be glad to have you read if you are interested.

  43. You know I’m a fan 🙂

  44. I read, but seldom comment. 🙂 And to be honest, I tend to read sporadically and then scroll back through all your posts and catch up. So I’m not offended if you do the same (or even if you don’t read mine – I just like reading yours). 😉

  45. i`d like to keep you around. 🙂

  46. i’m always here reading. this blog is like my cup of coffee…without it i feel off

  47. I love your blog, and think you are an incredible writer. I know you’re busy with a new little one, and am crossing my fingers that you keep doing what you are doing. 🙂

  48. Emily, I read most every blog you write, and sometimes I comment and sometimes I don’t, depending on the level of chaos in my house. I will keep reading you whether my blog is in your reader (or commented on by you) or not. But of course I’d prefer that it was. 🙂

  49. I would have been here sooner but I came down with a bug last week – it comes from hanging out with students again, after a couple of years off… But you know I’m here, always reading and alternatively weeping or laughing, and on some days, both.

  50. I don’t comment often, but read your blog almost everyday. It’s the only way I keep up with your life.

  51. Hi Emily.

    I am still here, though admittedly AWFUL at commenting lately! (I’ve discovered that I am not as good at multi tasking as I thought I was…though while composing this comment, I am also, defusing an argument between my older daughters, identifying sea creatures for the two year old and siphoning boogers from her top lip.)
    I find you thought provoking and real. I think the first comment I ever left for you said something like, “You are honest and that has made all the difference.” It’s still true. You’re honesty is what brings me here over and over again.


  52. I don’t have enough anymore, either. I don’t manage to continue writing in my own blog and I don’t manage to read all your entries but I do read now and then … and comment, well, when I have something to say. I hope I am allowed to continue reading …

  53. I’m woefully, woefully behind on all the blogs I have in my reader — but I do try to manage to read yours — even though I hardly ever comment! But it’s hard, I know.

  54. Google reader has been the death of commenting for me, both me commenting on the blogs I read and people commenting on mine. No need to add me to your reader, I’m not a very good blogger, just wanted to weigh in with the reader opinion!

  55. I’d love for you to read me whenever I post, but totally understand if you don’t! I’ll keep reading you though!!! 🙂

    And I click through from my reader – I cannot read in it, I have to come to the blogs!!

  56. dude. of course. of course 🙂

  57. Me, me!
    Seriously, I understand the need to cut down on clutter in the reader. So add me if you want to (I’d love it). Whatever you decide though, you’re in mine and I’ll keep reading you.

  58. Well, of course I’m reading you.

  59. How is it you ended up out of my reader? You and several others too. Huh. Just put you back there.

  60. I do enjoy your blog, and I check in as regularly as I can. But I don’t mind if you don’t read mine. Up to you!

  61. You’re in my reader, too… 🙂

  62. I always read your blog — it is in my reader. But I am a shameless lurker (or at least if I have commented, it has not been very often). I think you’ll probably put what’s in your reader what you like to read, no? Therefore it might not be mine, or someone else’s who reads you, and vice versa.

  63. Hi there from a part-time lurker. I just wanted to say that it’s great to see all the blog love here. 64 comments including this one! Since you just got recommended by Litlove there will probably be more readers for you to contend with 😉

  64. You’re in luck with me. My writing has slowed so incredibly– Nothing to read here, people, nothing at all. I will continue to check in with you, but no pressure on the other side.

  65. Better late than never?

    I’ve missed this weird blogland, and you especially.

  66. I’m so sorry. I DO read, but I’m finding it hard to find time to comment. I want to be in a conversation too, though, so I know exactly where you’re coming from. I don’t know if I was in your reader or not, but do what you will with that info.

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  68. I’ve been reading for quite a while. Well over a year. But I’ve only commented once that I remember, twice tops. I enjoy your writing and thought I’d let you know that I’m a steady lurker.

  69. I just started reading your blog. Not sure how I found it but I’m really enjoying what your write.

  70. Hey. You know I’m here and that I get here fairly frequently even though I can’t always comment.

  71. Seventy two comments? Is that what you were hoping for? 🙂

  72. I stop by every post and enjoy every single one!


  73. Yo, don’t cut me! I promise I’ll be back. Just trying to get the business going & all that.

  74. You don’t have to add me to your reader, but I’m just signing to let you know I read you once in a while – and always like what I read 🙂

  75. I just wanted to say I love your site. I stop by from time to time in lurker mode and read your archives and other material. The recent (November ’08) article about how 4 year olds aren’t reasonable / rational-thinking little people was one of my favorites. Thanks for all the great parenting material and discussion.

  76. Ha ha, I deleted you from my reader with sadness, for just the same reason. Too many great blogs, not enough time!!! But I couldn’t stay away. So I’m back.

  77. I would be honored to be added to your reader. I promise to reciprocate and not lurk.

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