Photos of a rally

I am a straight Californian, and this is how I define a family:

(I even threw in a picture of me with Lilah…)

12 responses to “Photos of a rally

  1. .. and the two of you are adorable

    as are ALL the families there

  2. awww, SO glad to see a pic of your little girl 🙂

    yeah, we saw so many beautiful families at the rally/march yesterday.

    I’m stoked you posted those photos.

  3. Somehow my comment posted under a certain photo.

    Anyway, you’re my hero. The babe is adorable. Good post.

  4. I agree- she’s a cutie!

  5. Nice set of photos, and yours is terrific!

  6. Yay! We get baby picture with our politics!

    Seriously, someone should try that: mixing babies with politics.

    What? Someone already has?

    Okay, forget it, then.

  7. Love the photos. Wish I could have been there.

  8. Lovely photos. I learned of our local protest too late to make arrangements to go but have been working as hard as I can to speak out for equality, love and understanding of EVERY human being. My dear friends who did attend were touched by the peaceful, warm feeling among the crowd – no hatred spewed towards any religion or political organization, just the simple hope that we can morally evolve.

  9. So many beautiful families. I’m glad you added your voice.

    (The two of you are lovely)

  10. Looks like it was a successful rally – peaceful and dedicated and good fun. Lovely to see Lilah soaking up the atmosphere – where will this take her in later life, I wonder, if she gets politics in the blood right now?

  11. my new favorite-ist t-shirt:
    “marriage is so gay”