Breast is best

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            Benjamin’s blankie has a little giraffe head in one corner.  The rest is giraffe-print.  I can only assume that the idea of these animal blankies it to help children bond by encouraging them to think of the blankie as a living creature.  This seems to have been quite effective with my two year old.  A few weeks ago, he got his little hands on one of the spare Giraffies that we keep hidden and rotate in so we can launder the one he has been sucking on all day.  We usually keep them hidden away so that he only has one Giraffie at a time, but now and then he manages to sneak one out of the laundry.  When this happens, he behaves as though he has won the Lotto – two Giraffies means twice the emotional gratification.

            On this particular day, Benjamin sat in the middle of the kitchen, one Giraffie in each hand, and introduced them to one another.  They promptly fell in love, and by the time I found him, they were engaged in kissing one another.  I broke up the love fest when I took the spare blankie to hide away, much to Ben’s confusion.  He could not imagine why I would discourage Giraffie heavy petting.

            I guess giraffe blankies must have a short gestation period, because it appears we now have a baby Giraffie.  I know this because the other day I found Benjamin in the living room with Giraffie’s head stuck down the front of his shirt.

           “Giraffie eatin’ my breast,” he enthused.  I wonder if La Leche League has a division for animal blankies…

13 responses to “Breast is best

  1. OMG. That’s some creative play, LOL.

  2. That’s a great story, and a good idea to have more than one blankie to rotate through. Thanks for the recent comments on my blog!

  3. That is soo sweet. Giraffe love…who have thought?

  4. You’d think the long necks would help to facilitate easier feeding.

    How did you manage not to laugh?

  5. He’s such a great nurturer.

    My daughter (also 2) recently sat down on the couch in my usual spot, and breastfed her Bunny Bunny. (Bunny Bunny also sometimes needs a lot of rocking and bouncing.)

  6. I often said about nursing (especially early on) that it feels like a wild animal is chewing on your nipple. Benjamin’s way of putting it is so much cuter though.

  7. Funny.
    I once picked Mir up at daycare, to be told by the teacher that she’d been nursing a baby doll. The thing that was weird? The teacher swore she had never ever ever seen a child do that, and she was vaguely shocked. I still find it hard to believe.

  8. Oh my God, that’s hilarious. But in the spirit of full disclosure, I remember trying to nurse my dolls when I was little. I think it must be pretty common.

  9. I just LOVE that! It’s almost as adorable as the little girl who gave birth in our free play area the other day at school. A little fella helped her. His mother’s an OB/GYN, so i felt he was qualified. I sent contratulatory emails to both families.

  10. Can I spell? I think not.

  11. congratulatory. right? jesus. I’ve been too many years in kindergarten.

  12. That is so sweet and funny!