Kits, cats, sacks, wives

Litlove writes a fantastic blog, which is ostensibly about books she has read but seems to also bleed out into gentle yet powerful musings on so many other topics.  She does not write short, pithy posts, but if you are up for a healthy dose of intelligence with your blog reading, she’s your girl.  Which is why I was honored (should there be a U in that word, as she’s English?) that she awarded me the “I love your blog” award.  The bling got lost along the way, but the rule is that I am to pass the love on to seven others, a game that reminds me of the man coming from St. Ives.  I have chosen blogs that may or may not continue the chain but that I consider gifts to you for their consistently high quality.

Yankee Fog

Full Hands

Woman on the Verge

Blogs Are Stupid

Julie Pippert: Using My Words

The Musings of a Defiant Mother

Missing in Iraq

I’m off to enjoy some quality family time this weekend.  Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating.

11 responses to “Kits, cats, sacks, wives

  1. aw, shucks, dude. thanks! It means a lot coming from you. Since you have such great taste and all. Obviously 😉

  2. Thanks, man!

    And have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Aw, thanks. I am terrible about continuing these things. Not because I have anything against them, but because I tend to give it too much thought and then I forget. But I thank you for thinking of me. I assure you, the admiration is entirely mutual!

  4. i love making new friends. Have a great holiday!

  5. Thanks for the shout out.
    With my new job, I am down to reading only two blogs consistently these days. Guess what is one of them?

  6. Happy thanksgiving – and thanks for the new reading ideas.

  7. would you believe I just heard that riddle for the first time earlier this week?

  8. Aww, Emily, that’s really lovely, thank you. I had to laugh about the short, pithy thing. The last time I sat down to post I told myself sternly to make it short and it still ran to four paragraphs…. I’ll be checking out these blogs for sure.

  9. Thanks, you. A something to be grateful for, in addition to making a sidedish that uses up most of my vegetables before they go bad lol.

    Also, quite a nice bit of company to be in, although I admit to a few being new to me, but because you said it? I will check them out. 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. excellent choices, all.

  11. Just clicked on two of those and they’re very good (blogs are stupid and missing in Iraq). Thanks for more reading material. And happy thanksgiving!