Up for the challenge?

            I am starting to hate ice cream.  Ever since I realized the correlation between eating a bowl of ice cream with peanut butter on top (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it) at bedtime and my milk supply the next day, I have eaten it every night.  Sometimes I am not in the mood, but I eat it anyway because if I don’t, my milk supply will be trashed for two days.  Ice cream has now become an obligation.

            My bedroom at 3 AM is the site of a reverse manufacturing process where my breasts turn ice cream into milk.

            Needless to say, I am unlikely to lose the baby weight anytime soon.  I am 20 pounds up from my pre-pregnancy weight.  Before you pooh-pooh that, let me explain that I gained 30 pounds.  Since the baby was 7 pounds and you have to figure another couple for all the fluid, breastfeeding for the last two months has clearly not helped me lose anything.  I have resigned myself to the extra pounds right now, as feeding the baby is my top priority, and I went down to the local consignment shop to get myself jeans three sizes larger than I usually wear.

            In an interesting turn of events, my husband also wants to lose 20 pounds., although he does not have a convenient scapegoat for the gain.  He’s having a rough time sticking to a diet, so I have challenged him.  We are going to see who can lose the weight first: him dieting or me breastfeeding.  Over Thanksgiving, a cousin who also wants to lose weight joined the contest.

            Now, I’m opening it up to the larger public.  If you are struggling to stay on a diet, please feel free to join in.  If you only have ten pounds to lose, you can compete for the first ten.  If you have 30, stick with us for the first 20.  Weigh-ins are Sunday mornings before breakfast.  You do not need to tell your weight, just the weight change from week to week.  If we get any participants, I’ll post my weight change each week and you can leave yours in the comment section.  (You can also do it without telling the world your change, but please tell me if that is your plan so I know whether anyone is interested; if no one speaks up, I’ll not bother to post it.)

            December may seem an odd month to diet, but I submit that it makes a good deal of sense.  You don’t need to decide each cookie on an individual basis if you have sworn them all off.

            I want to also note that I only want people participating if you are doing this to feel healthier and more active.  If you are a swimsuit model trying to go from thin to emaciated, fuck off.  We don’t need your kind around here.  This is a friendly competition for people trying to support one another in a healthy lifestyle.

            So, anyone in?  After all, how hard can it be to lose more weight than the chick eating ice cream every night?

15 responses to “Up for the challenge?

  1. The problem with competing with your husband will be that men lose weight a lot easier than women. Unfair but true.

    I wish you luck on your weight loss campaign.

  2. I”m IN! I need to lose 20. Sign me up…

  3. Ice cream with peanut butter – I think that is the ONLY idea under the sun that nobody unhelpfully suggested to me as a sure fix-all when I was losing my milk supply. Where were you when I needed you! Sounds a lot yummier than a lot of the stuff I tried…


  4. Oh and, if I join the contest and deliver a baby, can I get a prize for “Most Pounds Lost in One Day?”

    Good luck to you!

  5. I’m in. I’m going to give the wheat-free, sugar-free diet a chance. I can’t imagine not shedding at least 10 pounds as a result. (I was so proud at breakfast for passing on the bread, and then ate the leftover stuffing at lunch… but my deal was a normal Thanksgiving and then on board. Leftovers are part of a normal Thanksgiving.)

  6. I’m in.

    Ewe Are Here has a point, though. It’s not fair, men and their metabolism.

    Here’s to the first week…

  7. P.S. Good thing there’s no more pie around here.

  8. Hmm. But I don’t own a scale.

  9. Ice cream with peanut butter? I tried every damn thing in the book to keep my supply up, except that. Crap! Good luck with your race with your hubby..

  10. I am SO on board with this, em

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  12. Everyone said that I’d immediately shed the pregnancy pounds by breastfeeding. This so hasn’t happened for me and I feel cheated. I also thought that I was the only one who was in this boat. As far as the challenge goes, I’m on the fence here because I’m far enough down the stretch post delivery so I don’t think that I’ll really be dropping the pounds, yet as I’ll be breastfeeding for a while longer, I can’t really diet. (Granted I could forgo all of those delicious pastries that I have in the various neighbourhood coffee shops… but I’m weak) Hmmm….

  13. 5 pounds for me BUT far more important is shifting some of this soft-and-squidgy to healthy-and-toned. For a month or so we’ve been hiking three hours each on Saturday and Sunday (which is the kind of exercise I like – fun activity that distracts me from the exercisingness of it) but I need to find the time to spread out some of that activity through the week!

  14. I totally need to lose weight & have started diet after diet for the past year or so… I’m in!

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