Challenge: baseline

Today is the baseline weigh-in, people.  I am not putting my weight up not because I am ashamed but because there might be some who are heavier (and probably taller and bigger-boned) who have set this weight as a target.  This is not about comparing with others but rather about reaching personal goals and supporting one another.  So, as of today, we have all lost zero pounds.  Weigh in again next Sunday to see the progress one week has brought.

If you feel so inspired, please make a note in the comments of one change you are making this week towards healthy living.  It may help others make some changes, too.

My family has switched our one night out a week to an all-you-can-eat soup and salad place.  It has the added benefit of being cheap and having no wait for the food.  Fortunately, they have muffins for Zachary, who would otherwise starve.  They also have soft-serve, although Benjamin usually quits his frozen yogurt to return to his peas.  That’s one kid who definitely does not need to make any changes for healthy living.

20 responses to “Challenge: baseline

  1. okay. I am weighing in today when I go to the gym. Can I email it to you PRIVATELY??? jesus, you are pushy.

  2. I have a “20% off” coupon at a local jeans store, and I want to reach a reasonable weight before my coupon expires. That gives me 3 months to shed x pounds. Hey, even if I don’t buy the jeans, I’m using that goal as inspiration to push me through the holiday season. All the yummy sweets and baked goods that seem to be everywhere over the holidays are very hard for me to resist. Every December I pack on at least 10 pounds, easy. This year I’m going to reach for a small glass of pure 100% cranberry juice* (the kind made with only cranberries, nothing but cranberries) mixed 50/50 with water. It’s good for my system, and the tart tangy taste stays with me long enough to keep me away from anything sweet. And frankly, that taste means I sip it slowly – it’s not a quick gulp kind of drink. Plus it looks like red wine, so I feel decadent and not deprived.
    (*The label warns that the juice really must be diluted. Water is my choice, but I’ve heard Fresca is an excellent mixer, and I’m sure anything fizzy – tonic water, club soda … would work as well. ) Here’s to a good start, and see you next week.

  3. So I am part of an online support group for losing weight that has a challenge starting tomorrow as well. My goal for this week is to start incorporating walking back into my life. At least 3 times this week.

  4. I’m in. I only need 10, but with my blood pressure reaching 180/110 on a regular basis, I am thinking 10 would be something, as well as a lot less sodium.

  5. I follow another blog that’s trying to lose weight before Christmas (this is week 5 for her). I wonder what it is about this time of year (or this time after childbirth) that motivates everyone.

    My numbers are back down to where they were before I had Silas, but my body – well, it ain’t what it used to be. I started working out today. I’m trying to tone more than lose weight, so I’m not going to watch numbers (understanding that the numbers may actually go up as muscle builds). But I will post here every Sunday about how many times I worked out this week. 3-4 times a week is my goal (If I aim for 4, I’m more likely to hit 3). If I know I’m going to have to tell someone, I’m more likely to do it.

  6. I way overdid during my vacation last week in preparation for changing some eating habits. So I am starting about 3 pounds higher than I was 10 days ago. I hope those 3 will be the first to go. I also have picked up the kids’ crud which comes with a fever and lack of appetite. My goal, other than surviving this week, is to aim for healthy snacks.

  7. Oh dear. I really need to do this, but I don’t want to. Wah! But, I am going to take the plunge. I’ll be trying to lose kilos, not pounds, though. It’s kind of nice that my scale is only in kg, since I don’t have nearly as emotional reaction to that number as I would to seeing the actual number in pounds!

    I haven’t lost much of anything breastfeeding, either (and my guy just turned 9 months)– it was so much easier the last two times around. Oh well. Onward and, I hope, downward.

  8. I think I know the restaurant you mean– good memories of dinners there! Yum.. But I always find all you can eat tricky as it’s difficult not to overload one’s plate, even when you know you can return for more.

  9. Good stuff. I am in for ten.

  10. More fruits and vegetables. Actually eating them, not letting them go bad in the produce drawers.

    It’s great that you’ve started this, Em. I definitely need it, and it helps to start it with friends.

  11. i’m late to the game on this one, and will have to put new batteries in my scale, but I will try to play along as well. eep.

  12. One thing to make me appear healthier? (You did say appear, didn’t you? Please tell me this about image and not substance.)
    I will change the scale from lbs. to kg. Not only is this a chance to lose more than 50% of my weight – it is an opportunity to finally make the transition to global standards that they’ve been predicting since I was in 3rd grade.
    (Okay! Okay! Fruit for or with breakfast every morning this week instead of just sometimes.)

  13. I am not participating in this challenge right now although I do need to lose weight. A lot of weight. I think December is going to be a challenge with Marley’s class play, my project proposal, the last requirements for my classes, etc.

    However, I am inspired to try to exercise every day in December. So, I’ll try a personal challenge. Some form of exercise… no matter how little daily.

    Good luck with your challenge!

  14. Yeah… I’ve got a long way to go! What I’m going to change this week — No snacking or eating after 7pm! Good luck everyone!

  15. What a great plan. It is one step, or pound at a time.

    I am currenly on a hospital monitored prgram to loose wieght and write about it lots on my blog – I find it helps keep motivated. So, my plan this week is to create a daily food diary section on my blog.

    Good luck everyone.

    Support is a great thing – I also turn to this site for blogging-love and weight loss tips!


  16. Walking. Means taking an actual lunch break rather than working straight through (terrible habit). Hopefully I can get in a good brisk 1/2 hour around campus. Next week I’ll work on actually packing a reasonable lunch…

  17. I forgot to say what I’m going to actually do to try and lose the ten pounds.

    I will (1) not drink alcohol on weeknights (oh how I love a glass of wine in front of the tv), and (2) not eat sweets during the week (even when the chocolate donut calls in the morning).

  18. Hello! I’ve been lurking around here for several months but this has inspired me to speak up and also maybe lose a couple pounds. I’m in for the 20 lbs although I’m not sure how motivated I will be during the month of December. I’m currently working on polishing off a bag of Candy Cane Kisses.
    Two things that I will implement this week are 1) keeping a food diary and 2)brushing my teeth when my kids go to bed – to prevent binging on junk food (which I try not to do in front of them).

  19. I have been bringing my lunch every day – making veggie wraps with a bit of cheese & bringing healthy snacks to work… Trying not to give in to the carb/cookie craving.

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