Lookin’ for love

            Last year, I went onto the Bloggers’ Choice Awards and was pleased as punch to discover that Slouching Mom had nominated me for The Blogitzer, which means she thinks I’m way smart.  My confidence as a writer was awfully low right about then, and it meant a lot that she would nominate me.  So, imagine my chagrin when I posted a link and got only a handful of votes.

             The problem, it turned out, was technical.  The site wasn’t registering the votes for me, but by the time we had figured it out, folks were tired of voting for me over and over, to no avail.  I got a whopping 13 votes all year, and one of those was mine.

              Well, here we are again.  Slouching Mom nominated me once again, although you’ll note she did not nominate me for Hottest Mommy Blogger, a title I surely would deserve if I didn’t have baby vomit dripping down my cleavage.  Once again my confidence as a writer is circling the toilet bowl in the publishing houses that are ever so enthusiastically rejecting my work.  I could use a little lovin’.  (And, Slouchy, thank you for yours!)

               So, I know some of you hate these awards, but if the rest of you wouldn’t mind, please click here or on the handy little button to the right.

               And, if anyone thinks baby vomit is hot, you know where to find me.

13 responses to “Lookin’ for love

  1. I voted for you! Congrats on the nomination!!

  2. I think you are wicked smaht, so I just voted for ya. 🙂

  3. Baby vomit is totally hot – dead sexy. I know, I was liberally coated in it for about four years. Off to vote now!

  4. You deserve it! Of to vote 🙂

  5. I am SO voting. no problem…

  6. I wear vomit occasionally, too. ALthough it does not typically come from my own bloodline….

  7. I gotcha girl! I think you’re wickedly clever!

  8. Baby puke IS pretty darn sexy, now that you mention it

  9. Actually, the nominations just roll over year to year. But I *would* have nominated you again if I’d needed to… 😉

  10. I even created an account, just for you.

    By the way, I hosted a dinner last night with sweet potato drool crusted on my shoulder. Oh well.

  11. You’re now up to 15 votes– already up from last year so there you go.