Sunday weigh-in: week one

I know, I know.  You are expecting a weigh-in this morning; alas, I cannot provide one.  You see, I am not in a position right now to weigh myself in the nude on my home scale, which is in itself a very, very long story.  I promise as soon as I get home to weigh in.  In the meantime, fess up, people.  How much weight did you lose or gain this week?  And what was your best workout of the week?

Stay tuned for posts about just why I am away from home right now…

8 responses to “Sunday weigh-in: week one

  1. um. wow. i am so needing to get off my ass.

  2. By some miracle, I lost 1/2 a pound by doing nothing I said I would. I think I’m just dehydrated. By the end of the day I’ll probably be up half a pound.

  3. I lost a half pound this week. What worked: brushing my teeth after the kids went to bed. What didn’t work: increasing my carb consumption. I ate way too many servings of rice and pasta this week. I also finished off 2 bags of Candy Cane Kisses. Next week: no Kisses and reduced rice and pasta consumption.

  4. Well, I worked out once, took one good walk (1 hour), and one piddly walk (half hour – because of time restraints). It’s not exactly what I had in mind for working out consistently, but I guess it’s better than nothing at all.

  5. I lost 3 pounds midweek and then gained 2 back. I broke down and tried some dark chocolate, and whatdoyaknow, when not doing a side by side taste-test I didn’t mind it. So I added the chocolate back in ( in small doses) and didn’t do so well on the water consumption by the weekend. Starting over tomorrow.

  6. i fess up that I never weighed myself in the first place, so I’m out of the running. sorry.

  7. Okay, I am (cough) up 0.1 kg so far (couldn’t weigh in yesterday so that’s today’s weight.) But I am still in the game– I will do better this week, I promise!

  8. Utterly and completely forgot about weighing, but for me that’s a good thing as my perfectionism enjoys latching onto anything quantifiable and fluffing it up out of all recognizable proportion! However, Saturday 1 hour hike including stiff rock climbing, Sunday 1.5 hour hike including same and being ended a little early due to suspicion of mountain lion in the area. Week day walks of 1/2 hour (broken up into 15 minute sessions though due to tight schedule. This week’s plan? Far more fresh veg.