Part Two: Albuterol

Part two of a multi-part post.  Click here for part one.  More tomorrow.

            Zachary, properly chastened, was cooperative and quick about drop-off.  Frankly, he is never sad to see me go, once I have adjusted his wardrobe to his satisfaction and escorted him over to the activity of his choice.  Lilah was snorting like a pug in the Baby Bjorn while I escorted Benjamin to the bathroom, where he made his daily comment about the lovely pink disk that lives in the urinal and that he delights to pee upon.

            Unfortunately, the other parents who live near us were not yet at school, and I paced anxiously awaiting the arrival of one or the other.  When one arrived, I shanghaied her before she even got in the door.  Her elder child leaves school later, so she would have one spare car seat to buckle in Benjamin, and she was happy to drive him home if I didn’t make it back on time.

            There is a moment that a stay-at-home parent of more than one child knows all too well.  It is the moment after a frantic morning when one or more of the elder children has been deposited at school.  Although we hate to admit it, there is incredible relief in having checked him off the list of things to worry about.  For me, there is a “one down, one to go” phenomenon between leaving Zach in room one and leaving Ben in room nine.  As I leave one and then the other in the presence of his friends and classmates, as they run off with barely a nod back in my direction, I notice a marked increase in the oxygen around me.  I call it the Albuterol Effect.

            Yes, dropping my sons off at school some mornings feels like using my inhaler during an asthma attack.  Judge me if you will, but if you have more than one child, you probably know just how much of a relief it is to know you have a few hours to collect yourself and address the needs of the younger child.

16 responses to “Part Two: Albuterol

  1. Absolutely true. There are the small moments of relief for daily things and then the enormous, fabulous ones for larger milestones that should, I know, bring regret as the little loves grow up but are actually little triumphs: the day I realized everyone in the house could actually get their own drink of water; the day I accepted that the oldest Child was completely capable of babysitting its siblings… sweet, sweet freedom.

  2. That’s actually a great analogy. I feel like that today. After this weekend, I needed the quiet of the big kids gone.

    How’s Lilah though?

  3. I don’t know, I only have one kid, but yet know that feeling. Some days we just need to know they are well cared for while we attend to other things . . .

  4. Oh, I know this feeling well. And I am even at work during the school day. But, when there is only one…ahhhh….

  5. poor little muffin girl

  6. Of course I understand this feeling completely. COMPLETELY.

  7. I have two kids and I babysit one day a week for my cousin and I have a 7 yr old niece whom I take and pick up from school daily……so there are some days I am responsible for 4, and YES on tues and thurs when my son goes to morning preschool….. and the niece is at regular school…it feels SO EASY like yes only one to take care of…. FREEDOM! You can run errands without wanting to poke your eyeballs and eardrums out and you can cuddle the baby (and if you get that baby to nap while the others are at school BONUS)

  8. i’m assuming no one has died since you’re drawing this story out FOREVER. get on with it!


  9. I remember that feeling from the time I just had one to drop at school and one at home. Now that I leave them both at 7:55, with the morning stretching out ahead of me, the feeling is even more marked. What a great analogy.

    Hope your girl gets to come home today.

  10. Know the feeling. Live the feeling. It’s just the way it is.

  11. Even though I am only wrangling 2 (to your 3), I can totally relate.

  12. Oh, gosh. I hope Lilah is ok. Handling 3 small kids is tough, but even tougher when you have reason to be seriously concerned about one of them. 😦

  13. Just catching up with the different parts and I’m now anxious about Lilah’s hospital visit. Off to part the third. Nice phrase re the Albuterol.

  14. Oh yeah. I know that feeling. 🙂

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