Challenge week two: the hospital-food diet

Are you participating in our challenge?

Lilah is breastfeeding and has absolutely no interest in a convenient little receptacle into which I could pour pumped milk for her to take from someone else.  Hence, where she goes, I go.

For the past 10 days, she goes nowhere.  For a week, we were in a hospital room together.  Now, we are home, but she needs to be on O2 when she sleeps. Predicting when a two-month-old will sleep is nigh on impossible, so we just stay home.  The only way I could get a walk in would be to wheel the tank along with us.  Not that I am particularly interested in taking her little lungs outside at all…

So, how much weight can a woman lose by hanging out in one room?  None, that’s how much.  I am exactly where I was two weeks ago.  How about you?  What have you lost?  And what can I find you doing?  Because you know where to find me.

Still waiting for the breastfeeing to melt those pounds away.

19 responses to “Challenge week two: the hospital-food diet

  1. I’m still where I was (162) with NO GOOD REASON. dammit. However, I have been going to the gym every day on the bike for 30 min. I feel it’s a start, and I know it takes a while for progress to show.
    THoughts are with you.

  2. damn. Did I just tell the world me weight? shit.

  3. I am down 3 pounds due to a bad GI bug and not being able to keep anything in my body. I’m sure that once I get hydrated I will plump back up to my previous weight.

  4. My most avid breastfeeding friends have said their weight did not drop until they were finished breastfeeding. I’m not sure what your experience with it has been with your other two.

    I did better exercising this week. Worked out twice, walked once (because I had out of town company, we walked together. If she had not been here, I would have worked out that day too). My goal is Mon, Wed, Fri. I did Mon, Thurs, Fri this week. Close enough.

    But I’ve been eating holiday sweets like they are running away from me, so while I haven’t weighed myself, I’m sure I haven’t budged.

  5. With the other 2, I ended up thinner than I had been before, believe it or not! And that was while still breastfeeding. But, it has only been a few months, so I’m going easy on myself.

  6. I feel for you people. Trying to lose weight around holiday season is almost impossible!

  7. Still, I’m impressed that you haven’t gained weight what with all the starchy hospital food.

  8. I am steady freddy and the same as I was a week ago. *sigh*

  9. i’m belatedly along for the ride here, but am trying to keep up my damn supply whilst also cutting out dairy, since that’s our latest voodoo trick for the mystery colic. if life were fair, just the lack of cheese would make me a stick. but nope. thought i’d maybe lost a pound this week, but then i had a rather lusty encounter wth a box of chocolates and it all came out in the wash.

    my partner would also like to drop twenty pounds…mebbe i’ll challenge him too.

  10. I lost a lot of weight over the course of breastfeeding (I exclusively pumped, but same physiology) but I think two months out is too early to worry if it’s not happening.

  11. Emily this is, what, your 3rd child? You know that it’s 10 months up, 10 months down. You can excercise and starve in those early months and lose all the weight by month 10 or you can relax and ride it out and lose the weight by month 10. Be nice to yourself.

  12. Poor you. Hang in there.

    My only advise is to eat lots of healthy food – and lots that are high in water – for example, frozen grapes ROCK while breast feeding!

    Just do not get discouraged. Hang in there.

    I had a great week – I lost 5.5 pounds to take my total loss since Sept to be 52.5. I have my next weigh in on Tuesday – and hope to have another couple of pounds. I am slowly inching to my goal!

    Good luck my dear…hugs to you and baby!

  13. minus 1. But, I was a pound lighter a couple months before, so I am working my way down again.

  14. Yes, it’s tough isn’t it? Sometimes I wondered whether it was worth dressing at all – you seem to spend your entire life feeding in the early days. If this is a regular club is it too late to join?! *ahem* my ‘baby’ is now 3, I stopped BF 18months ago … after losing about half the weight I wanted to. It does go – just verrrry slowly second time round.

  15. well, my first weigh in was last tuesday, and between tuesday and sunday i gained a pound. no mystery there – the stressed out, fast food, have a drink to relax at night diet doesn’t usually yield any loses

  16. I am plus one this week. Not a surprise given that I didn’t exercise or watch what I ate. Hmmm. I need to rework my strategy. 🙂

  17. Hmmm… last week’s goal of adding more fresh veg was, well, mostly met. Although some of that “fresh” veg ended up frozen for convenience and do we get to count sushi if it’s Californian (home-made, no ocean nearby NOT doing the good stuff) and has seaweed and cucumber? This week’s goal – walk away from the darn desk at lunch! At least half an hour, walk campus, don’t sit and stare at the darn computer even though there’s so very much too be done.

  18. Funk had RSV at about 6 weeks, and I remember that time well. I’m feeling for you, for sure.

  19. Um, no change here. For me to actually lose weight, I really need to get out and exercise every day, but with the bad weather (can’t take the baby out for walks) and rush to finish papers before the kids get out of school for their three-week vacation, at which point I probably will not be getting much exercise at all, well, this does not bode well. I would just drop out, but I think I will stay in with the goal of not actually gaining weight, which for me will take a fair amount of vigilance as well. So, is that cool?