It’s never too early in the day for a science lesson

            The boy only eats carbohydrates.  OK, maybe I am exaggerating.  Every now and then, he’ll eat a (dry) turkey sandwich.  Once a week, he’ll eat half a hamburger.  And he is more than willing to take in calcium, as long as it comes in a frozen form and is heavily disguised with sugar.

            Otherwise, the boy is on the anti-Atkins diet.

            Yet he never gets sick.  In two years, he has not once missed school, because if he absolutely MUST get conjunctivitis, he gets it over school breaks.  If a cold is going around, he usually skips over all the symptoms and goes straight for the post-cold cough, which lingers on him just like everyone else.

            “Why the fuck doesn’t he ever get sick?” I asked my best friend.  “He brings it home and gives it to the others, but Zach, himself, never gets sick.”

            “Neither do you,” she pointed out.  Oh, yeah.  I mean, I do get colds, but I don’t get them like other people do.  My nose runs, I cough, but I am not flat out on my back, and I run through them much faster than others.  I like to think I metabolize them faster.

            When Lilah had her recent illness, I asked the pediatrician why, exactly, it seemed that her brother manages to bring home this crap to her, but he stays healthy.  “Benjamin is the one who eats everything, why is Zachary always healthy?  Is there a lot of Vitamin C in bread?”

            “Some people have Super Immune systems,” she told me.  “Their bodies have a lot of the cells that attach infection.  Women who are like that have a hard time getting pregnant.”  Um, really?  “Their bodies attack the embryo as a foreign substance.”

            Seriously?  Because I had a hard time getting pregnant.  The first two times.  The third time, of course, my body had figured out that those little cells were supposed to stay put.

            “Is that why Zachary has such a strong reaction to immunizations?” I wondered.

            “Probably,” was the reply.  “Kids who have a Super Immune system will fight off the vaccine better.  Especially a flu vaccine.”  Like, say, get an arm swollen to three times its normal size?  That explains a lot.


15 responses to “It’s never too early in the day for a science lesson

  1. I have one of those immune systems. Even when I do get sick, it is just like I am half sick. If I am REALLY sick, then I have to go to the hospital. But, on the other hand, my body seems to be ok with the being pregnant thing. I think I could get pregnant just looking at sperm (which is why my husband has no more).

  2. So funny. During the last week when 3 out of the 4 of us spent at least some time flat on our backs, Maggie had no signs of illness. None. Yet her arm was swollen to three times it’s normal size, red, and hot for 4 days from her vaccination.

  3. Wow! I never knew such a thing. Interesting.

  4. The things they tell you when you have your third child. Maybe that’s when you get the key to the city, too.

  5. Hmm, so the Goldfish and dry Apple Jacks diet that Bailey is currently on, might be good for something? 😉

  6. That’s fascinating. Huh.

  7. My son lives on pasta, and he probably gets sick half of the time when everyone else is sick at school. I catch about half of his colds, and my husband almost never gets sick.

    I have friends whose kids are sick all the time, and I mean all the time, so I guess we’re doing okay.

  8. That may be the most interesting thing I’ve heard today. And believe me, for once, my day has been full of interesting things.

    It sounds just like my Ben.

  9. Isn’t it interesting to learn stuff about yourself through your kids?

  10. My Husband has been like that most of his life. But now that he’s getting older, he’s more prone to minor illnesses.

    I wouldn’t say my kids are never sick, but it’s rare. We do have years however, when they seem to catch every flipping thing there is.

    BOth have had their tonsils out, for different reasons. And it does seem to have made a difference.

  11. That is interesting. Really.

  12. Huh. Interesting about super immune systems making you react more to vaccines. Makes sense. My mom told me that kids can’t be malnurished as long as they have good food available to them, even if they don’t eat it. Somehow they know what they need and get it.

  13. Really? I would like to learn more about this. I NEVER get sick. Ever. And you know what my track record has been with pregnancy this past year. Hmmmm. Now if only your best friend could produce the science… It sure would be interesting to read all about it.

  14. Well now, how interesting. I would like to get me one of those immune systems as the one I have is not fabulous. And I could have done with a bit more trouble getting pregnant when I was 24. 🙂 I kind of thought mothers never got sick because there is no provision in their contracts with their children for having a day off in bed….. Still delighted to hear that both you and Zach are super healthy. That can only be a very good thing.

  15. I am the SAME way. I never get sick. I always get teased by my best friend, and the secretary at school when I call in sick (mental health day). They roll their eyes and say, “Yeah, right. She’s sick. “