Challenge Week Three: Sitting around on my ass

I cannot get much exercise because Lilah shouldn’t be out in the cold air right now.  Nonetheless, I lost half a pound last week.  How about you?  If you aren’t losing weight, try to remember that the babe eating ice cream every night is beating you. How’s that for motivation?

In other news, I am shouting out to No Strings Attached Toys,  a small, earth-friendly company.  I had trouble with my order and didn’t hear back for a few days despite two emails.  I went ahead and re-ordered, and got this email:

“Your order has been received and will be delivered guaranteed no later than December 24.  We had some inventory confusion which caused your delay.  We actually ran out of the Lace & Trace Farm but since you had such a difficult time getting in touch with us, we found a way to get one to you in time for Christmas.  Please accept my sincere apologies for our lack of customer service.”

I had not complained or anything.  You don’t get that kind of service at Amazon!

8 responses to “Challenge Week Three: Sitting around on my ass

  1. That’s Awesome! On both the weight and the gift.
    Somehow, I lost another pound. 2 down/ 8 to go. Thank goodness for the treadmill, because I would never get outside in this weather. -27 windchill at the moment.

  2. Well, I tried very hard to work out this week, but my kids had other plans for 5 a.m. I worked out twice and walked once (for an hour), so I guess that will do.

    The good news is that working out has become a habit, and something I look forward to. That was what I wanted to happen. My arms also aren’t quite as flabby as they were when I started, and my jeans are loose, so that’s good too. Since I’m not keeping up with numbers, though, I’m not sure how much (if any) I’ve lost.

  3. I refuse to even go NEAR the scale.

  4. I gained back the weight I had lost being sick, but figured I would. The tin of Peppermint Bark I ate this week didn’t help, but I think I’m at a total loss of 1 lb since we started.

  5. I’m actually down a few tenths of a kilo, but since it’s an amount hardly worth bothering about, and especially since it was through no particular diligence on my part, let’s just say I’m even. But still. That’s a good thing.

  6. I am down one pound. But as per usual, I think it’s luck, not a sign of more to come. 🙂

  7. i’m up another .4 of a pound. yippee skippy

  8. I’m so glad you’ll have your order by “Christmas.” Great customer service but lacking a bit on the diversity skills.