I’m back. Did you miss me?

            Either I am a fast worker or a terrible judge of how long things will take, because I always get all anxious that I won’t have enough time to complete a task and then I finish early.  I guess that makes it a good thing I am a writer instead of a prostitute.

            There is a Yahoo group for L.A. mothers, and yesterday a woman posted that she is having migraines, the treatment for which forces her to pump and dump.  She has a three-week-old, is a low producer, and is heartbroken to watch that milk going down the drain.  I replied that I know nothing about migraines, but I have a freezer full of pumped milk that I will have to throw away because it is going to expire before I can convince my baby to take a bottle.  (You cannot donate milk to a milk bank unless you are prescreened before you pump.  Already-pumped milk is not accepted.)

            So, this very lovely mother of two came over and emptied our freezer of all of October and half of November.  December we’re still hoping to feed to Lilah sometime in the next few months.

            A mitzvah is a blessing, not a good deed.  To do a good deed is to perform a mitzvah, but it is actually a blessing for the doer, not the recipient.  I have been the recipient of a flood of mitzvoth lately, and it was nice to be able to pay it forward.

            Plus, I got to say, “I told you so” to the husband who kept telling me I was just wasting freezer space.  And you just can’t put a price on that.

15 responses to “I’m back. Did you miss me?

  1. That is great! I did the same thing for a gal I met a playdates. There is lots of red tape to officially donate, so before my second son was born I filled out all the paper work and ended up donating to a hospital that cares for drug-dependent new borns.

    We sure did miss you. Hope you and the little lady are feeling better. HUGS

  2. Of course you were missed.

    What a nice thing you did for your Mama friend, too. You’ve got a lovely heart.

  3. That’s so awesome. Hooray for you! You did a really, really, really good thing.

  4. Oh, I’m so glad you found a taker for the milk. How wonderful to know it will be going to good use.

  5. this makes me happy for a number of reasons, this ultimate gift of love .

  6. Love this, love this, love this.

    Love the idea of helping another mama with your milk, but really love the idea that the blessing for a mitvah is for the GIVER, not the receiver.

  7. that’s awesome. when Monkey was born and I was having issues with my low milk supply my friend (who gave birth to her daughter just a few weeks earlier) had almost an oversupply and kept Monkey in breast milk for those first few weeks.

    and I love your description of a mitzvah. I haven’t heard it put in that way before.

  8. WOW! that’s great.

  9. We missed you and have been spoiled by getting to have two doses today– online and in person! (Yay!!!)

    But now that we’ve had to say goodbye we miss you again. 😦

  10. How nice – so if you have become in part that baby’s wet nurse, then do you have a say in its future? Only kidding, but it made me think of all those old stories about women suckling each other’s babies and being involved therefore in the children’s lives.

  11. I love a good story like this…and a good I Told You So. 🙂

  12. They don’t call it liquid gold for nothing!

  13. A mitzvah is a divine commandment. That’s the meaning of the word and the concept, which has gotten watered down to “good deed.” For that reason, that it is a divine wish, it doesn’t reflect on the doer, but does give the doer the experience of the divine flowing through. Another way of looking at it is that you get to be an angel and those wings feel pretty good. Hence…blessing. What a lovely use of your freezer.

  14. You are a mensch. I am all weepy just thinking about that. Thank you.