Challenge week four: holding steady

I have started running again and it feels great.  Still, if I want to lose the baby weight, it might behoove me to throw away the fudge in my refrigerator.

That half-pound from last week?  It’s back. 

I want to repeat here that I am not dieting or trying to lose weight.  I know that eating enough to keep up my milk will slow the loss down, and as I said before, I’m cool with that.  In the long run, breastfeeding will help me get all the way down, just as it did with the last two.  I am blogging about it simply to give those who are dieting someone to compete against, since I know that sometimes helps.

So, where are you?

9 responses to “Challenge week four: holding steady

  1. I am somewhere between “fed up with feeling fat” and “someone please shoot me.”

    right smack in the middle.

  2. Um, I couldn’t weigh in today because we have houseguests and the scale is in the guest bathroom. But I will try to sneak in there at some point tomorrow to get the bad news. Because I know it will be bad news. I am sure I’ve gone up; the question is how much. But, hopefully it will help me get back on track and on a downward trend for the new year.

  3. i’m vacationing, and so have no clue, although my jeans were definately TIGHTER yesterday. Although the food poisoning that plagued me today may help me even out a bit. not a diet I would recommend, but…

  4. Down 1.5 lbs this morning. Holiday miracle or fluke. Healthier food this week, and we’ll see if I can repeat it.

    I wish I liked running…

  5. I’m not really competing but can report that I’ve gained a few pounds this last week, since I had no guests with whom to share my homemade goodies. I’m fine with this, actually, since I know I will get back on the horse (treadmill) next week.

  6. I am training so I CAN run, I can’t wait to get to that point.

    I am really proud of you, babe!

  7. I haven’t been on a scale all month, but I feel fatter by at least a couple pounds. I’ve been going to therapy all month for my achilles’ tendon issue, and I think I have a handle on that so I’ll be able to start exercising, carefully. I only have a little bit of fudge left myself.

  8. This week’s goal – exercise properly, really truly properly. I’m trying to do small health improvements each week and build on what came before – but still haven’t gotten on a scale! I intend to go first on how I fell and then worry about anything else.

  9. up .5 pounds. probably because I only ran every other day last week and ate my weight in fudge. More running this week (but, if there is fudge, I’m eating it :)).