I don’t feel like blogging today

Now, this could be due to the total sleep deprivation.  Or it could be because anything I have to say today is vapid compared with what’s going on in Gaza.  And Iraq.  And Tennessee.  And [insert location here].  We’re crapping in our living room and blowing up our neighbors and building an economy out of empty Pixie Stix wrappers and distracting ourselves with shiny baubles so that we don’t notice the sludge we are wading through to get to the After Christmas Sales.  

Next year in Jerusalem.  Next year may all have peace.

4 responses to “I don’t feel like blogging today

  1. Yes, the news is extrememly depressing.

    Of course, my typical response to depressing news is to write something vapid. It’s a coping mechanism.

  2. Yes–and sometimes feeling depressed is actually seeing clearly what, at other times, is ignored or denied. Sitting with the truth is of value even if it leaves nothing much to say. It is a dark time of year, a dark time of the soul, but it is also within our capacity as human beings, those same human beings who shit and build with dixie sticks, to move into the light even when we aren’t sure what that means or how to do it. Change is possible when we stand in the place of love, and from there see what we can make out of something less tangible than dixie sticks and infinitely stronger.

  3. I am with you on the peace. That is my wish for the new year. Not making resolutions that I won’t keep. Just wishing for peace.

  4. Hear, hear. Let it stop. It’s time to grow up and be better people.