Where’s Ducky when you need him?

            I have a little confession to make: I was not the most popular girl in my high school.  I know this sets me apart among bloggers, most of whom ruled the school from their posts as Science Team captain or editor of the Literary Magazine.  I, however, tended to be somewhat socially awkward, which was a perfect complement to my outgoingness and non-conformity.  Molly Ringwald had those legs going for her, but otherwise I was a candidate for Pretty in Pink.

            Perhaps it is the lingering memory of that discomfort that has kept me from meeting any bloggers in person.  I know you like my writing, but what if you don’t like me?  What if it’s just like it was with Blaine and you ditch me for a snooty blonde?

            However, the time has come.  I have found my courage.  Today, while the boys are in preschool, I am going to meet my very first blogger IRL for coffee.  I figure that since she lives five minutes from where the boys go to school, we should give it a shot.  Of course, Governor Schwarzenegger lives nearby, too, but we didn’t invite him along.  We’d have invited Callista Flockhart, but she doesn’t eat or drink anything with calories.

           I know this blogger won’t be offended by the public breastfeeding, but everything else is up for grabs.  What if she’s way cooler than I am?  What if we have nothing in common?  What if I get lettuce in my teeth?

            Note to self: avoid lettuce.

25 responses to “Where’s Ducky when you need him?

  1. The lovely thing about blogging, is that we know the REAL person. The one inside, the voice of that person- and THAT, as we all know, is what is important.
    Have a wonderful, wonderful time!!!

  2. Good for you! All my favorite bloggers live miles and miles and miles away so I have to be content with virtual friendships – satisfying as they are, lettuce-free, but…

  3. Vodkamom is right – the best part about blogging is that you know the real person already, so meeting face to face is a formality.

    I’ve done this once, and had a great time. I am more convinced than ever that if the blogger I met (Adrienne from Our Journey of Love) and I lived in the same town, we would be real life friends. I hope today goes well.

  4. It’ll be great. You’ll do great. You’re great. Great, great, great. And if you’re looking to meet more bloggers in real life I’m going to be in LA overnight this upcoming Monday. Live and in person, one night only!

  5. I have a bloggy friend that lived two blocks from me, she then moved 3 miles away, our kids go to the same school. And somehow, meeting seems sooooo scary. Plus, she is WAY cooler than me. One day. Good luck!

  6. Have fun! I’ve met lots of wonderful bloggers in Nashville. And we were at our beach house over New year’s and Heather (Queen of Shake Shake) lives about a hour away and came to visit us with her husband and kids! It was awesome!

    And I’m completely socially inept as well. Always have been. But blogging helps somehow.

  7. and now it’s MY turn to be jealous 😛

  8. I’m jealous, too… I wish I could meet you, too. I already know your heart, or at least some of it, and you know mine, too. I’d say that’s a pretty good start! Good luck today… have fun!

  9. You are an absolute gem. Really. I am so envious that I don’t live close enough for coffee!

    The two of you will have a great time together. You won’t get lettuce in your teeth. I promise.

    And I would totally have taken The Duck Man over Blaine.

  10. I predict you will feel like old friends within minutes. Buck up – I have an extreme case of the shys, but I did it twice last year and am now lucky enough to have two wonderful new friends. And actually, I don’t know if you were being sarcastic or not, but I would bet that most of us bloggers fall into the Molly Ringwald category. I do – that movie could have been filmed at my high school – down the the money issues as well. That’s why we shine in blogging, because it feels safely anonymous.

    Have a wonderful time!

  11. You will be fine. I know you just read my post about having friends….but girl, I met them as babies. I just got lucky. I was not the typical California girl. Now that being said, if I still lived near you…dang it, I’d have hoped to meet you for coffee. But I’d have been thinking the same thing, cept about me, the will she like me when she figures out I’m really very boring.

    I have met one blogger, but it took me an entire year of daily emails, before I got up the courage. She’s amazing, although we have since lost touch.

    You will be fine, I know it. Be brave. And Emily? There is rarely lettuce in coffee.

  12. *grins* I was SOOOOO not popular in school. LOL! Far from it. I was one of those kids who cried in bathrooms because the other kids called me names. Yeah, I did edit the Lit mag one year. That was a pretty geeky thing to do, at my school, though. I tried cheerleading one season but I was not cool enough to make the most of that. I just liked to dance. Then, I got a boyfriend and I was stuck up his butt for the rest of the story. Hee hee. I think you and she will both enjoy this meeting.

  13. What’s always been surprising to me about meeting virtual friends in real life is how, after the first few surreal moments of recognizing that you’re face-to-face with someone who knows you in this whole different way than most people do, things tend to feel excessively normal. Hope you have a great time!

  14. Molly Ringwald HAD to play the part because as a red-headed adolescent, that movie was the only thing to get me to face high school. Hope you had a nice time.

  15. Have fun! I’m sure everything will be fantastic. 🙂

  16. I met a fellow blogger once. It was very cool. And it was the opposite of real life. We’d exchanged ideas for about a year suddenly we were looking at each other. Usually, it is the reverse, no?
    Based on that experience, my prediction is for something good. I’d do it again. (You live in so. Cal? or near Arnold’s Sacramento home?)

  17. I’ve become good real-life friends with someone I met through blogging, and have another blogging friend I haven’t met in person but we talk all the time. Go for it!

  18. I’ve really enjoyed meeting bloggers for real whenever I’ve had the chance. There’s always some part of their personality that is quieter in their writing and that you can sort of see in it afterwards. But otherwise the one thing you know for sure is that you have lots to talk about and that you really like each other deep down where it counts.

  19. It’ll be great, just relax and enjoy your date. I vetter her and I think you’ll get along like a house on fire. Don’t sew your own dress.

  20. Good luck! I’m meeting my very first one IRL on Feb. 1 so totally get how weird it is! I’m sure it’ll be great.

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  22. I’ve met a few bloggers IRL and they were cool. I even dated one for a whole year (hi, Dolce!) and we’re still friends (in a meet once a year kind of way). But that’s a bit different, yes? I’m guessing by the title of your next post that it went well.

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