A bitchy thing to post

Well, everyone else is posting meaningful things about MLK, but I like to buck the system.  So, instead, I give you a picture from where we went this weekend.  Enjoy it from under the sweaters and blankets.


21 responses to “A bitchy thing to post

  1. And now I sort of hate you.

  2. The funny thing is that I posted something similar yesterday… but I was griping about the lack of weather change here in NoCal. 🙂


  3. We had all the doors and windows open yesterday. It was glorious!

  4. We just got back from playing outside in the snow– it is particularly bright today, the snow fluffy, and the boys pulled each other around in the sled, laughing, with their red cheeks shining.

    OK, I really want to at the beach somewhere warm…

  5. Finding myself also in Southern Cali while it is once again dumping snow back at home, I feel the same way.

  6. Meany. You made me cry.

    Actually it was 60 here this weekend and it was AWESOME.

  7. I lived there for 24 years and by the time I left I would wish for seasons and snow and sweaters by the fire.

    And now???? Now I just wish for one week of that kind of weather, between the months of November and June. Just one week…

  8. i like my seasons changing, I just wish winter was shorter! It was near 60 here this weekend though and it felt great!

  9. No fair! And we had no power on Friday either.

  10. I kind of love this.

  11. Well, I’ll let you keep the sun and heat (was FIFTY EIGHT here yesterday – 58!! Georgia apparently stole my winter and I want it back), but I do so want that lovely ocean…

  12. All that’s missing is you in a shirt that says “Wish You Were Here”. Preferably with a frozen drink. I mean, if you *really* want to rub it in.

  13. OMG — this is exactly where we were yesterday! I think that is the building we park by, more southerly on the beach. Too funny.

  14. I kind of hope you got sand in your crack. Just a little.

  15. planningdoesntwork

    We went from -38C with windchill around -45C (-36F & -49F) to 0C (32F) almost overnight. For me 0C feels like the beach. I don’t have to wear a tuque if I don’t want to.

  16. looks like here, but with a beach

  17. *&%^#! Ok, got that out of my system. I can be a martyr. I’m just glad SOMEONE can get some sun, since we haven’t seen it in two months. 😉

  18. Whoo-hoo! Love it!