Clearly, I do not wear dresses very often

            We went to a wedding on Saturday, which is astonishing given that we have missed something like a dozen weddings in the last five years due to pregnancy and small children.  But, it was an afternoon wedding that welcomed children.  So, we packed all three kids in the car and drove them out to spend an hour sitting angelically in a full Mass and then three hours being utterly charming in a loud crowd of people.

            Or, because we are not completely crazy, we got a sitter for the boys and just brought the baby, who can be shut up with a well-placed nipple in her mouth.  I had a whole five minutes to get ready for the event, donning a lovely dress I bought at one of Santa Monica’s designer consignment shops, with Spanx underneath to diminish my bulging and rolling.  I did put on a few sparkly things and a pair of strappy shoes, and then I came out to say goodbye to the boys.

            Benjamin looked up from whatever he was destroying on the kitchen floor and let loose with a wide, enchanted smile.  “Mommy,” he enthused, “you princess!”

            And that is why, on Sunday, I responded to posting by a local woman who was selling a used Tinkerbell costume in just his size.  Because flattery will get you everywhere.

17 responses to “Clearly, I do not wear dresses very often

  1. Awwwww….

    I can’t wait to see tinkerbell.

  2. That’s so great that you’re getting him a Tinkerbell costume. You’re like a princess and a fairy godmother wrapped up in one. Or perhaps wrapped up in Spanx.

  3. *dies laughing* I love that, I really do. Priceless.

  4. He’s sweet. Princess, that’s just priceless.

  5. So funny.

    In keeping with the Tinkerbell thing, I spent last night and this morning cleaning out Asher’s closet. He saw his Easter basket and proclaimed it a princess hat. What is it with these little boys and princesses?

  6. Awwww…that’s fabulous.

  7. I love children at that unconditional love phase! Mine are flattering, but wily so I never know if I trust ’em. However they’re charming enough to get away with it, bless ’em.

  8. This is just what I needed to read today.

    Sweet and simple and good.


  9. That is awesome. 🙂

  10. I haven’t been to a wedding yet since having three kids without my Spanx. LOVE them. I wish I could Spanx my whole body!! I love the Princess comment, I have had a few from my boys too.

  11. The benefits of having boys! I love this.

  12. I just hate Spanx. Hate it. It might smooth us out but damn it is unconfortable.

    One of my fellows recently called me ‘puffy,’ another said, ‘I love your shape.’ Guess who would get the Tinkerbell costume in this house? My boys love the fairies, they do, they do.

  13. i bet you looked gorgeous.

  14. I will give you anything in the whole wide world if you just post a picture of your sweet boy in the Tinkerbell costume.

  15. what is spanx?? (off to google it)

  16. Spanx are EVIL! My bulges and rolls need to breathe.

  17. You are a fine fine mother.