Challenge week nine: No gnews is good gnews

I weigh exactly what I did nine weeks ago, which is pretty much what I weighed before having the baby, minus the, you know, baby.  But, my husband has lost ten pounds.  How about the rest of you?

In other news, I am going to have to mark everything in my Reader as “read” because I have been so busy with the Hat Book.  Please let me know if you have posted something important and have a post I should read.

Back tomorrow with a real post!

5 responses to “Challenge week nine: No gnews is good gnews

  1. I wouldn’t call my posts from Friday and Saturday important, exactly, but they are more examples of how we live parallel lives. The Asher story reminded me of Benjamin, even as it was happening.

  2. Congratulations you’re ahead of schedule

  3. Holy cow! You are one of the first people I have met who also makes references to Gary Gnew!
    This is why I love you!!!

  4. Yipes – not sure. I think I’m down seven total from when I started… should maybe actually get on a scale now and then! However, using the universal standard of how-do-my-clothes-fit I’m quite happy!

  5. it’s the great space coaster, get on board, it’s the great space coaster, we’ll explore!

    (see… I’m avoiding the REAL question…)