Now that you mention it

            Zachary has been daytime potty trained for two years.  Two years.  Two fucking years.  But it is hard to nighttime train a child who likes to fall asleep sucking on a straw cup filled with water.  Hell, we were lifting him to the toilet just to keep him from wetting through his Pull-Up.

            A few months ago, I managed to convince him that he should only have the cup once he gets into bed, cutting out the four or five ounces he was drinking during book time.  This cut down on the urine output considerably, giving me hope that we might be down to only two children in diapers before the child goes to middle school.

            He is so grown up lately, insisting he can do everything by himself but also terrified by what that might mean.  I think those nighttime Pull-Ups became a habit that it never occurred to him to break.  And his parents?  Well, nighttime training means a lot more laundry, not to mention the hassle of re-making the top berth of a bunk bed on a regular basis.  We figured it would happen eventually.

            And then, one night in December, he started to put his pjs on sans Pull-Up.  “Do you want to wear underwear, instead?” I asked.  He stopped and processed that concept.

            “Um, yes,” he decided.  And that was it.  Now he is nighttime trained, although we still have to lift him and there is an accident once or twice a week. 

             If only convincing his brother to poop on the potty were this easy.  Maybe if we sit around and wait for Ben to be ready, he’ll be potty trained before the Junior Prom.

17 responses to “Now that you mention it

  1. Oh, Jeez. I am so with you on the potty thing. As you already know.

  2. Good for Zachary! That sounds miraculous.

    Potty training was exhausting with our first kiddo. Now I just wish we could skip right over it for the new baby. Also teething. And sleep training.

  3. Wow – I do wish it had been that simple with ours! Two of them, no problem, trained without a worry. The other? Well… let’s just say it took an enormous amount of time…

    … had to laugh over Benjamin though as I have a young relative who was heard to say, smugly, “I LOVE to poop in my diaper!”

  4. Like they say, “They’re ready when they’re ready.” It was like all of a sudden a light switched on right before each of my boys turned three. I didn’t do anything different. They just decided on their own that it was time to use the toilet.

  5. Whenever I try to talk to my mom about potty-training, she just says, “I don’t know. You just were trained before you were two.” Crazy.

  6. I am a big believer in giving a little push, I know I know I am a member of the mean mom club. We shall see if my child hates me down the road because I “forced” him to completely train by 2 1/2 years…. but seriously I think convenience of our disposible diapers and pull-ups have made it that much easier to let our kids be little and dependent that much longer.

    I was the oldest child in my family to FINALLY potty train……at the ripe old age of 18 months (and *gasp* I dont hate my mother)! What I did seems silly to most, but coming from a family with ties to ranching, we follow the almanac… we wean our children by the same sign of the moon, and follow the guide for when to start training (yep its in the almanac!)….. anyway I warned my son weeks in advance, he helped pick out underwear, and he knew that when the basket that held the diapers was empty that was the end of diaper days…. and by magic *wink* it was empty on the morning of the day the almanac said to start…..Drew screamed and cried and refused to wear underwear, so i didnt make him….and me and the carpet cleaner and mop were fast friends that day……but by day two…. it was DONE he knew we didnt have any diapers, and I wasnt going to buy them, so he could continue to make a mess of himself upteen times a day, or he could pee and poo on the pot. I purchased one small package of pull-ups, that I used over top of his underwear (I wanted him to feel yucky and wet, but didnt want to clean up huge messes) during naps and bedtime for a couple of months, but he had so few accidents in them, that we gave away over half the package when we were done using them.

    We shall see how my method works on baby number 2 (but I still have awhile…she is only 8 months old).

  7. so you should have this all sewn up by college?

  8. I have a boot camp potty training method, if you want it. But some kids just take longer. My brothers were nearly four. My poor mom.

    I’ll tell you though, I never saw a Jr. High kid in diapers.

  9. The good news is that they will eventually get it. Even if they get it at the prom. You just might have to buy Pampers size 16.

  10. Congrads to you and Zachary. Now on to Ben…

  11. That’s great about Zachary. It’s funny sometimes how kids just do things when they’re ready. One thing not to do with Ben…we’d heard of someone giving their kid smarties (Cdn m&m) to poop in the toilet. It never occurred to us that our older dtr would then consider that her right. A year after regularly using the toilet we were able to wean her off a treat for poo-ing.

  12. My youngest was in pullups at night until he was 8. It was enormously frustrating. We had so many tussles over it. Finally, his pediatrician told me that some kids really can’t control their bladder until they’re older. We decided to stop trying and just let things happen. It saved us all a lot of stress and then one day, he just announced he was done with the pullups, and that was t hat. Typical of him, really.

  13. Maggie is still in pull ups at night. I toy with tackling that battle and usually back down. One morning she woke up, stayed in bed, and then peed through her pull up. I couldn’t figure out just how mad I could get without stunting her future potty usage. But oh my, I wanted to strangle someone!

  14. At least he sleeps in his own bed. Our youngest (who is pretty much potty trained except for the occassional accident) sneaks over to our bed to have her accidents. She’s very sneaky, we don’t notice her crawling in with us until it’s too late. We had to put down plastic.

  15. I am hoping this happens sometime soon with Sylvia, who has been day-trained for 2.5 years but still wears (and pees in) a pull up at night. And sucks down water the last thing before she goes down at night. Oh well, we figure there are bigger fish to fry and like Zachary, hopefully she’ll just choose underwear one night and stick with it.

  16. Apparently, and only on your blog would I mention this because I heart you, I had the same problem. I held…my poo. For ages. It worried my mother to no end.

    Do I need to mention that I can no longer hold my poo even if I try?

  17. My oldest two, twins, were way late on the potty training side but once they were done with diapers, they were completely done, day AND night. Now #3 has day-trained a lot earlier than his brothers and so rarely has had an accident (Are we due for a rash of them now that I typed that?). He, however, still wears and pees in diapers at night. He’s just under 3 1/2 now & I have to admit that I totally don’t stress over the night-time diaper…. I stressed about training the older two, said I wouldn’t push it, but I did, and it really didn’t work. They did it when they were ready and now just one diaper a night is a glorious thing.